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Juli, finally you know my feelingggggggggggggggggggg ><

I have one for a half year, but from Kuron (Kuron Gentle Cleansing Brush or something?). IT IS AMAZING. I love it and embrace it. Even my boyfriend used my brush for a couple of times and then bought another one for himself LOL. WE BOTH LOVE IT. IT IS THE BEST! Clearing much of my pimple (YES IT AMAZINGLY REALLY DOES) and I can even use it without using any facial cleansing product to clean my makeup LOL.


2 days ago on Halloween Staycation With My Girlfriends And Philips VisaPure


Wow, you're amazing, pairing silver and grey with purple. That purple does really make a lot of differences.

Apart from those warm color (nude, brown, taupe, etc), what colors do you suggest for a person (of course, an Asian with strong yellow undertone and wearing glasses) who is thinking of stepping to more bold color? I personally thinks wearing glasses creates some limitation to me, but I cannot wear contact lens (too much inflammation, every a month or two I suppose)

2 days ago on Step-By-Step Latin Ballroom Stage Makeup Tutorial


That Charmed is so charmingggg. It is definitely the one I would pick up as I do not get used to bold lip color. 

Oh, I have just came back from Singapore! So fun! I did not go many places though. LOL many people might have said that I and my boyfriend are too minimal, unlike those other Thais who go to Singapore .. (I mean I have seen someone posting their travel list on internet and I just think  WOW how could they go to all of these places within a couple of days?)

But Surreal Sun is nice as well. Well, I may get a hand on these lipsticks :P

2 days ago on Get Enviably Beautiful Lips With Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick