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Sarah - Very true. I hope this inspires a lot of women. I do think there is too much fear and apprenension. I once hear someone say that entrepreneurs have less RISK because they have control. I only sorta believe that.

Add single mom to that mix and it makes it even harder. But definitely do-able and gratifying. When I got pregnant, I had had my own business (a PR agency focused on mobile) for 10+ years. It was my identity. But I always wanted kids. Like you, I thought one meant I had to give up the other. I'm more than 2 years in (agency is 13 now, my son is a little over 2) and everything you say is true. It definitely makes you a more compassionate, understanding boss. it makes you prioritize. Time becomes a very very precious thing. Every minute with my son is significant. An every minute with my business and my team is significant. You just want to inspire and be inspired. And of course the "30 second hug breaks" are what makes it all worthwhile!

2 years, 9 months ago on Being a “Momtrepreneur” Is Hard. So Is Everything Else in the World. Let’s Move On.