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I'm the ED of a statewide MN nonprofit called Dads Make a Difference.  Our mission is to promote the positive involvement of fathers and educate youth about responsible parenting.  We train high school teens, both boys/girls, to be peer educators teaching a 4-lesson curriculum to middle school youth that talks about the importance of fathers in families, the responsibilities of being a parent, about healthy relationships, and about making good choices about risky behavior so not to become a parent too soon.  Too-early parenting and absent fathers are two of the major causes of kids growing up in poverty.  When young people wait to become parents until they are ready, they are more likely to build strong families that contribute to healthy, vibrant communities.  Their children are more prepared to enter school and the parents are better educated and prepared to enter the workforce.  We've trained 3,000+ teens and reached over 76,000 middle school youth since 1993.  I've been a staff of one since 2006 and we are really struggling financially this year.  I'm currently on layoff to save money for fall programming, although still working as a volunteer doing fundraising and staying positive.  Check us out at  2013 will be 20 years for this amazing organization and important work.  Please help us reach that milestone ... and continue to make a difference in the lives of youth/families.

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