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For the people that doesn't understand the spanish dialogue in the "Doctor Who Low Cost" video, here is the translation:
-Then, you want to come with me? I will take you to see any corner in the Universe, any point in time and space! So what do you say?-It's....same size inside and outside...-Yeah! It isn't amazing? Well, hold on! There we go!-Nice afternoon so far...-Yeah....*ring* OH! We're here!-But we are at the same place...-...Of course! What's more amazing than the present London? Look! A Weeping Angel! Don't stop looking at it! They can't move if you're looking at them! They are very dangerous!-But...-Don't worry!! I will interfere in his quantum defense with my sonic screwdriver!!-That's your sonic screwdriver?-Yes! It's a very powerful weapon of the Time Lords. This one has saved me of a thousand dangers!!-It looks like a simple screwdriver from the ironmongery in the corner to me.-Watch out! A Sontaran! 

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Weird and Wonderful