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I would take $300,000 and start a program to teach grammar school teachers how to teach their students to paint with water color.  I've taught art to over 250 children over the last couple of years and have taught myself how to teach kids. I want to teach others how to do what I do.  I've personally experienced each and every child I've taught become a better student in all their subjects.  Water color painting seems to open up the children's brains to possibilities and they become better problem solvers in both reading and math.  Behavior problems improve as well, even for those students who are challenged by disabilities. Some of what has happened in my classes is that I teach a process not projects.  A large part of the funds would be devoted to supplies:  Paper, paints, brushes, drawing tools and containers for water.


2 years, 9 months ago on Larry Ellison; Closet Philanthropist?