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I sometimes go to the Buffalo Wild Wings by Mayfair Mall and there tends to be another Cardinal fan or two there. But I'd be open to suggestions of where a real crowd might be.

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Around 2:02, the video is flipped left to right (presumably to preserve the handedness of the batter or pitcher), but they don't flip the name "Molina" and number 4 to keep them from being backwards.

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STL 6 - NYM 4

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Blogs keep referencing a comment about Ty Wigginton. What exactly was asked and how did Mozeliak respond?

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Somewhere in the article, it probably said the Cardinals needed to go "shopping for a lefty" and Google took it from there.

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6-4 Cardinals!

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If, by "remodeling", you mean "tearing down that turn of the last century monstrosity and building something fit for human habitation" then I agree entirely.

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