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When developers allow you to disable ads on a good and free app, it make me want to click on their ads or buy the donate version. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Root App: Enable MicroSD USB Mass Storage On A Variety Of Samsung Galaxy Devices


 @fredphoesh I see what you are saying but many may be upgrading from something less than a GS3 and would like the latest hardware with AOSP.

1 year, 11 months ago on Cyanogen Brings CM10.1 To The Galaxy S 4, Impresses Us With Skill And Wit


Might have just been lured back to rooted stock from the glory that is Cyanogenmod.

1 year, 12 months ago on Sprint Galaxy S III First To Get Multi-View In The US, Update Rolling Out Now


I use netflix on my OG EVO all the time. I always default to a larger screen when it is available though.

2 years, 8 months ago on Midnight Poll: Is Watching Videos On A Smartphone Realistic?