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Safety BratZ(tm) LIVE!  Empowering Kids Around the World! SafetyBratZ.TV!


Kids Inc. is a 501(c)3 founded in 1990. In 2012 we launch the most important initiative there is, the empowerment and protection of children by producing cutting edge entertaining content reaching kids and teens on all communications mediums, online and interactively, by mobile device.


Safety BratZ(tm) LIVE! - Ambassadors for Childhood Safety, Worldwide. Kids Empowering kids through Entertainment!  Honorary cast consisting of some of YouTube’s most talented kids from different states who’ve agreed to collaborate to produce a line of empowering valuations; Cumulatively reaching over 6 million viewers. http://SafetyBratZ.TV


Support the cast in their first production. Empower these kids so they may empower others around the world! Donations accepted directly on our channel. - Thank You!

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