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Dear Larry, We are a non-profit rescue in the middle of "puppy mill" Missouri! We take in dogs and cats of all ages, health issues, lost, surrendered, mistreated, etc. We also help out the local shelters when they are full by taking some if their animals to make room. We currently have a kennel that houses approximately 175 dogs/cats and then we have about 15 families that are foster/volunteers for the remaining animals. There are times that a foster might have a many as 6 animals at their home. Plus when we have litters of puppies we have 2 designated families that take them in to start them off in a home environment and potty training. Currently we are receiving dog food donations from Wal Mart, but that is only their bags that are broke open or damaged. When we run out then we have to purchase the food. Luckily our vet center that we use lets us just "run a tab" and pay as we can. There are times our bill has been over $10,000.00! But he understands and cares about what we are doing.. It would be nice to be able to find someone that cares a much a we do that could help with a donation just to help us "get ahead"...not to worry about having enough food by the end of the month. Thank you for listening, I am sure you get asked all the time for help, but it never hurts to try! Best Regards, Mary Please visit our website at: Read some of our success stories!!

2 years, 9 months ago on Hey Larry Ellison, what are you gonna do with all that money?