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is neither an option

1 year, 11 months ago on Who Rocked It Better: Travie McCoy vs. Drake


 @SelfishMoneyOriginal When has anything ever been shitty in a good way?

1 year, 11 months ago on Air Jordan V “Nightmare on Elm Street” Customs By DeJesus


I want these & I will try my best to cop. But the direction JB has been going the last couple of years Integrity/Marketing/Style wise idk how many more J's i see in my future.

2 years ago on Air Jordan 11 “Playoffs”


Say Ye, Say Ye. Don't we do this every day day? Heh?

2 years ago on Nike LeBron 9 “Think Pink”


This is why i'm giving up on j's. $175 for these monstrosities.  

2 years ago on Air Jordan 7 “Filbert” & “Obsidian”


Joe Budden looks like a sophisticated hobo.

2 years ago on Celebrity Sneaker Stalker