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This week I'm going to keep giving away any extra food that I cook to my new housemates! I know full well that they'll do the same for me if they're making something tasty. But my ingredients, of course, are all bought at good ol' Berkeley Bowl in reusable totes and reusable mesh produce bags.I'd like the hard lotion, myself. I'll probably pass it on to one of the many ladies I live with and then ask for the tin back afterwards. I'd love to use it to hold baking soda, which I recently started using instead of deodorant as-per your suggestion!

2 years, 7 months ago on Made-On Hard Lotion & Hair Product Review + Giveaway


I just tossed a comment on Campell's Facebook page. They seem to be pretty good at responding to the feel-good messages people post on there. Let's see how they do with something a little less wholesome...

2 years, 9 months ago on Are BPA-Free Plastic Products, Food Cans, & Register Receipts Safer than Those with BPA in Them?