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Coakley's ads - most especially the one about her later brother - are perhaps the biggest reason she is losing. She shrugs and smirks as she so coolly relates how her brother committed suicide, because he had nobody to turn to, after their parents died. Everyone who has watched that ad has been horrified by it.

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Both the writer and editor of this completely shameless, revolting, stinking turd of terrorist propaganda need to be fired. And then blacklisted for general incompetence. The Israelis would be perfectly justified in shooting both of them. Is this seriously the kind of notoriety that Foreign Policy is looking for?

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MacArthur may have been arrogant and he may have been involved in the coup attempt against Roosevelt and he may have been a world-class bad judge of character, but you really cannot call him a bad soldier. He really didn't have proper charge of the Army Air Corps units in the Philippines and, understandably, really had been bypassed by the development of military aviation. On the other hand, we didn't have all that much in the way of aerial assets in the Philippines. MacArthur's retreat through the Philippines is still the gold standard. He held the Japanese back for months and lost very few lives of either his men or of civilians. All during the war his losses were miniscule, compared to those of the Japanese and other commanders. Even though he was a very old man by the time of the Korean conflict, he turned things around, very quickly, from a total disaster, and started pushing the North Koreans back. His plan for the invasion at Inchon - and it was largely his plan - was sheer genius

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Second Life would be a much greater success if their customer service even pretended to be helpful, but instead they consistently make promises which are later broken and act as if taking care of customer issues even as simple as billing errors are a huge waste of their time. Add to that the facts that they have never been really willing to break even now ancient content and scripts in order to update their technology, and that their pricing is unrealistic, in the face of much less expensive - and nearly equivalent - options, and is predicated upon a demand that is really no longer there. The talk of simplifying the user interface and guiding the initial customer experience is pointless. A LOT of people continue to learn about Second Life, try it out and then recoil in horror when they discover just how expensive this heirloom technology can be - if you want anyting more than a glorified chat room. I am still mesmerised by Second Life, nine years and a bit on, but I am lucky enough to be able to indulge in personal luxuries. A lot of the natural base of users is suffering from too much Hope and Change and simply cannot afford it.

2 years, 9 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail