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Obvious damage control is obvious. I was so close to buying multiple copies of this too.

And your analogy is flawed. When you solicit donations (and yes, that's what early access is: donations) for Rust and then run off and develop other games with the money you just took from people - that's called bait and switch. But hey, keep damage controlling it all you want.

Just know that all the people you scammed aren't going to be fooled again so easily. I won't be buying any "FacePunch" software in the future and I hope you all follow suit to send a crystal clear message to developers that like to cut and run with early access and kickstarter style crowd funding.

Good luck with your future projects, FacePunch - you're gonna need it.

9 months ago on Adam Cancelled Rust Development


I think it's fairly obvious what's happening:  Ridiculous 2GB data plans, a widget that needs to be manually refreshed, and increasing the data overage to 15.00 ...  It's the very definition of a predatory business practice.  As soon as my contract is up, I'm ditching Verizon - this is unacceptable.

2 years, 9 months ago on My Verizon Data Widget Restored, Share Everything Supported