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Sorry, but did anyone bother to mention that Philip Rosedale jumped ship, and that Second Life is now being run by a heartless former EA exec? I'm glad Philip still believes in Second Life, but is he doing anything right now about it? 


The problem with not building Malibu stuff is that that's the only sure way to be able to pay island tier at US $295/month per island. (Yes, that's more than the cost of a desk at RallyPad.) When you try building something unique, it gets the wonder effect, but most people prefer fried eggs and bacon... and not sencha with brown rice and mackerel for breakfast... and, you end up having to pander to 99% of the population in order to balance out barely being able to pay the high tier costs to run your unique endeavor. 


A very basic courtesy Second Life could have provided was an officially-supported way for content creators to export their content, instead of forcing independent creators to become slave to island costs, just to preserve their content. Content creation for Second Life required spending a lot of time dealing with their painful and broken inworld creation system, and you only find out after a few years of of dumping $1200/month (Yes, that's more than the price of an office at Startup HQ.), into it that the technology will never improve. Despite being a cash cow, the system is in an impotent stasis. It's ten years old, but still runs as poorly as an early beta.  


Second Life will always have its die-hard community supporters --- those who are tied to it out of desperation or similar means. And, it's also ironic that the management never bothers to acknowledge this community officially.


Sadly, I was one of those addicts. Getting all my content deleted and learning the hard way that I fell by trusting current CEO Rod Humble, was a bad slap in the face, but that got me out of Second Life. RIP SL Shakespeare Company / mShakespeare / Metaverse Shakespeare 

2 years, 9 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail