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Bob also could have starved to death waiting for the dirt to fill the well, and he didn't have to deal with metaphorical dirt being *removed* from his metaphorical well - analogous to raiders quitting your guild the week after you've recruited new players - repeatedly.

1 year, 9 months ago on Guest Post: It’s Okay to be an Ass


Tabards defeat the purpose of rep.  Tabards just essentially let you skip content - it would be like having all the blues you need to gear up from raiding drop from raid trash.  You would never have to run 5 mans to gear up because you could just get that gear from raids.  No more tabard rep.

There is too much emphasis atm on dailies however, I can agree there.  Here's what I'd do to fix it:

- weekly rep cap.  The big issue I have with dailies is that if you don't do them *every day* you are severely punished.  If you capped the amount of rep you could get (and then balanced the pace around it) you could eliminate this by allowing folks to skip 2 or even 3 days per week of dailies.

- remove the Golden Lotus lock.  People should be able to choose which rep to grind first, and not have to grind one that's worthless for them to get to the rep they want.

- keep the valor point rewards.  I would not do dailies and just sit in Stormwind queuing like in Cata if there weren't valor rewards on the reputation vendors, period, the end.  If you want players out in the world at the level cap, you need to give them amazing raiding rewards.  That's just the long and the short of it.  The issue is just *how much* extra time you expect players to spend.

2 years, 6 months ago on Dailies and Valor: Almost Out of the Woods


I think they want your professions to mean more.  In Cata, your professions basically were meaningless - you just happened to have profession y on toon x.  Now, it matters which toon you have your professions on.  It will also reduce the number of uber-crafters/AH goblins and probably bring the inflation rate down a bit consequentially.



2 years, 6 months ago on Spirit of Dis-Harmony: Are profession alts obsolete in Mists of Pandaria?


I'm leveling my Monk, so I have 5 extra levels (thanks for RAF, Blizz) to go than everyone else.  Should be ok, I'm not sweating it.

2 years, 7 months ago on 3.5 Hours from 85 – 86


One of the most difficult things about 10s in progression is the lack of battle rezzes. You only have that ONE do-over, and even the best raider will spend it accidentally on some sort of mental misfire during a long progression night. Spending that rez early can mean the difference between a kill and a wipe very easily.Losing the battle rez would make progression raiding very stressful. Take it from a 10 man RL, we still need battle rezzes in even the most hardcore of hardcore guilds. Removing it could very well drive us all insane.

2 years, 7 months ago on Is Combat Resurrection Still Needed?


@mattuzzi hmm maybe from a 10 man perspective the situation you described never comes up.  If anyone's dead in HM 10s its pretty much a wipe (if you've used your battle rez already).  

It sounds like things are different on beta (which I am not in) but I've never run into situations (even in early t11) where I'm waiting for my static regen to give me enough mana to cast Heal and it has any effect on the outcome.  Usually, if we're in that situation, its already over.  Heal has never saved anyone for me (it just isn't worth casting, even on live), and with PW:Solace coming that's a better use of the time.  I'll let other healers in the group who have the mana/aren't throttled by Chakra take care of single target healing.

2 years, 8 months ago on Matticus: Healing at the 0.33 percentile


I asked you this on WOWInsider too Matt - why do you use Heal at all?  It is less efficient than Greater Heal.  There's math out there showing that right now you are better off standing around doing nothing than casting Heal.

2 years, 8 months ago on Matticus: Healing at the 0.33 percentile


My Monk is still going to have to race hs butt off to get to the starting line :P

2 years, 8 months ago on CGL – Season 1: League of Legends debut



Like matt said, there's this feeling of 'exclusiveness' or 'superiority' that used to go along with raiding and I think a lot of folks really enjoyed that and when you hear nostalgia for Vanilla this is what some of those people are talking about.  This is not a healthy attitude for the game.


Really, did attunements make anything harder?  Was it really more challenging to wander around trying to find an NPC?  Oh wow, you're super skilled!  You found Rexxar!  No.  More dedicated?  Maybe, or you just have more time.  Lets get one thing straight.  Attunements didn't teach you anything (perhaps when you had to run dungeons they taught you something, but you'll do that anyway now just to get geared up and 5 mans aren't anything like raiding), they didn't demonstrate skill.  They just wasted time.


There's still skill and competition in WOW.  There's the race to realm first, or for world firsts in the top 100 guilds.  There's that race against another guild on your server to get that boss earlier than they do, or get the clear earlier.  They haven't removed competitive school sports - they just removed the requirement that you have to go on a scavenger hunt for two weeks before you can try out for the team.


That said, I believe there were some good points to attunements.  Mostly, they got you out and involved in the world, and by the time you were done, even if you never read quest text you'd have a decent idea of what was going on in the raid instance.  I am a lore nerd and even I wasn't very involved in the lore of Dragon Soul, mostly because there was no leadup.  It was just "here's some dragons, go kill them".  Some sort of attunement would have helped.


I think you could have something short and sweet, like Thrall's questline, or the HoT 5 man questline, and require it for the respective raid tier.  Don't make the raids themselves required for the next tier, just make a short attunement for each raid tier.  Make it account wide, and remove it after the next tier is released.




t11 - you have to complete 3 heroics and a quest in each and then you can do t11.

t12 - remove the t11 attunement.  you have to complete Thrall's questline before you can do FL.

t13 - remove the attunement requirement for FL.  You have to do all three HoT 5 mans before doing DS.


Quick, painless, and you get some rewards and some nice lore.


2 years, 9 months ago on No Attunements: It’s a Good Thing