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IMO It's the removal of these attunements that have contributed to the game becoming too easy and therefore boring. With attunements etc there was always something else to strive for, high end players were known as high end players and looked cooler, it wasn't just titles, kudos was deserved and respected. It's like stopping competitive sports days at school, people NEED competition, people THRIVE on competition... oh dear, you can't do it? Oh no... how about you try harder? WoW went way too soft, Ok how about we ALL do end game content straight away. Yay! We'll even make it really easy. Yay! Ok now you've done that, do it again, a bit harder. YAWN. I quit recently after 2 years in accessible WoW and guess what? It's dull. I doubt I'm coming back.

2 years, 9 months ago on No Attunements: It’s a Good Thing