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Bring back the originals! i loved them! i had The Navy n yellow strap, Black n Blue Strap, White grey red strap, AND the Black white red strap

2 years ago on 20 Years Of Nike Basketball Design: Air Raid (1992)


I hope the Laneys Come out 2013 i really want them! I like the other Fire Red's better than these.. with more red than black

2 years ago on Air Jordan V – White – Black – Fire Red | Release Date


Thank god i got mine already from the half pack! good luck to everyone getting them! they're def. worth it

2 years ago on Air Jordan IV “Bred” 2012


When people resell these its gonna reach the 1,000 SMFH the Sneaker game is all fucked up

2 years ago on Air Jordan Golden Moment Box Packaging