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Loyd King played in ABA but not in NBA.  Drafted by Bucks but didn't play for them

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Would be more interesting if it showed charges taken ratio to attempted charges taken that resulted in defensive foul calls.

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I remember Lee as an excellent player who had just scratched the surface.  This is from 2005: ""I had a business opportunity I couldn't turn down," said Shaffer, who started a petroleum transportation company with Billy Kenan, one of the most prominent businessmen in North Carolina. "(Kenan) gave me 10 percent of the company. I ended up being traded (after he had retired) in the Wilt Chamberlain trade and (the San Francisco Warriors) offered to double my salary from $20,000." Shaffer declined. Now he is a millionaire many times as the longtime president of Kenan Transport. "There were times when I missed the game," said Shaffer, 65, who lives at Chapel Hill, N.C. "I think I would have played in 10 All-Star Games (had he not retired)."

2 years, 9 months ago on The Lowdown: Lee Shaffer