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Any interest in ever coming to Chicago? I know Trev Gilbert was here, but I don't think our premier tech hub 1871 was open at the time. I'm admittedly unsure who's widely-known enough to interview here - I'm pretty sure Andrew Mason doesn't live in Chicago, nor do I think he'd want to show up at a public forum like this in light of how Groupon stock's been performing.


Maybe Dag Kittlaus, co-creator of Siri? He's back in the city and apparently very "ra-ra" on Chicago's technology prospects. Either way, Pando's just GOTTA come to Chicago at least once!

2 years, 8 months ago on Leaving the Echochamber: PandoDaily Heads to Boulder


Great article. As we say it, the US Healthcare OS is about to undergo a MAJOR System Update, and the need for software patches will be MASSIVE!


Our company mobile and web apps securely connecting skincare clients and with specialists for remote skin rash photo upload, review and e-prescription. It's directed at bringing mobile telemedicine into the 21st century, starting with skincare, but it's a technological trojan horse for tele-diagnostics across various disciplines.


The biggest challenge in this arena is getting adoption from providers - doctors and hospitals - which is extremely difficult, because many are trapped on old legacy software systems, on top of the fact that reimbursement for telemedicine services isn't uniform across states. Because docs and hospitals are still the gatekeepers to accessing more-sophisticated diagnostics and treatment, the tech community can't completely ignore the needs of the providers - there's a lot of B2B and B2B2C twisting and turning required.


With regards to consumer healthtech, we agree with Whitney in that we think there's a big opportunity in this space, that extends outside the realm of fitness apps and health social-search engines. I think centralized, cloud-based document management has legs, but Whitney's right - there has to be a palpable value-add for the user.


2 years, 9 months ago on Obamacare: Shining a Light on Dark Days in Heathcare Tech