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What would boycotting games accomplish? The goal of protests is to either get attention to a problem or force the hand of people in power to make a change. The issues with police are front and center right now and LeBron James sitting out a couple of games isn't going to get anyone to rewrite how neighborhoods are policed or improve the likelihood of body cameras on cops along with new litigators for cases involving police. 

This article seems to be set in the Occupy Era thinking of protests - just make some noise about general problems and have no actual recommendations besides "Stop being bad." What should be gleaned from the Houston '65 boycott is that money talks. New Orleans lost money because of segregation. If athletes put their own millions to use in local politics, they could make more of a change than simply wearing a t-shirt about something that the whole world already knows about. 

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You left out the best example of a TV rom-sit-com (and also arguably the best sit-com of all time)? 

"Cheers" starts with Sam meeting Diane, which is the crux of the show, but we see their love-hate relationship blossom and, most importantly, we get to care for their characters before we're supposed to start caring about their coupling.  And we meet the whole Cheers world since, obviously, if you're going for multiple season, you're going to need an ensemble and more than just the couple. 

In all of the new shows, I'm not even sure who the main characters are, let alone whether or not I care about their relationship. "You're the Worst" might be the best of the bunch because the characters have their own lives and we see their friends, who have their own issues. 

Rom-Sit-Coms can work. They need to be paced better and, well, simply need to be better. The problem with these new shows isn't the genre, it's that they just aren't any good. 

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@Jeallen @nfhell Yep. ESPN's Tedy Bruschi has echoed Simmons's sentiment but in a calmer, more sensible manner, explaining that, whether or not Goodell is lying, his handling of this and other recent situations has tarnished his integrity to the point that the NFL needs a new face to represent it. 

Honestly, if Simmons hadn't made the threat and the dare to his superiors, he probably would just have gotten a phone call telling him to calm down and, who knows, maybe do some actual research before calling a guy a liar for three minutes straight. 

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This article and the #FreeSimmons campaign are a bit myopic. ESPN has had multiple on-air personalities call for Goodell's resignation and they haven't silenced any of them. Simmons sounded like a petulant child in his rant, offered nothing besides curse words and his gut feeling, and then, because he knew how he was going off (key distinction here, by the way, not WHAT he was saying but HOW he was saying it) would get a call from his superiors, he threatened them and dared them to punish him, which all but guaranteed that he would get a healthy suspension because a) the suits at ESPN's egos can't take that and b) if they let Simmons get away with it, you can assume anybody else with a podcast or editorial on ESPN would follow suit. 

Simmons simply proved the truth in the words of Ambrose Bierce, “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” 

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You're taking a very optimistic look at his moves.

- The Martin/McGrady/Landry trade (that was one deal; not two) was decent but I can't label a trade brilliant if the team doesn't get better. He traded McGrady's expiring deal to take on Jared Jeffiries' and Kevin Martin's contracts and Jordan Hill out of which the Rox now have a benched KevMart, Royce White, a Lakers first round pick, and no playoffs to show for it. I'm not sure I'd call acquiring a guy who made over 10 million a year and was benched for your second round draft pick as "genius" or "brilliant."

- You also are really glossing over the problems with the Artest and Ariza moves. The full path of Morey's moves on that one is: draft Nic Batum. trade for Donte Greene and Joey Dorsey, trade Greene and #1 pick (Casspi) for Artest, let Artest walk, sign Ariza with the cap space, dump Ariza for Courtney Lee, let Courtney Lee walk. Ignoring the starting point of Nic Batum, all of Morey's moves may be qualified as "getting the better end" of the deal but he ended up with nothing. The most gifted charlatan would be proud of this kind of effort that ends up with a person left with nothing yet they're happy about it.

- He acquires first round picks but has yet to really hit on any of them.

- He's done a very good job with smaller players and second round picks but that's a good trait for an assistant GM or consultant, not the person who is running the show.

Daryl Morey might be the smartest guy running an NBA team but that doesn't make him the smartest GM. His signings have been suspect, his first round picks average, and his team keeps getting worse. If it wasn't for the Advanced Stats crowd boosting him up (for his eventual downfall), he'd be another middling GM. (I wrote more about it on )

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