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Now, see, I actually like this one, for my face, anyway. But I make it super thick, adding just enough honey to make it spreadable, and then I only use it in the shower or a bubble bath. That way, I drip into the tub... or onto my Nook... :-)  Then I rinse as well as I can, following it up with regular soap or face soap. I did try once to add some coconut oil (because we Pinterest fans all know that's the miracle oil. LOL), and it turned into a slippery doughy mess that wouldn't spread on my face. Guess it counteracted the stickiness of the honey.  :-)

Just don't look in the tub when I'm done. If you forget to rinse all those spices out afterwards, be prepared for a tub scrubbing session the next day! 

2 years, 9 months ago on The Miracle Mask