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If one looks at public clouds like AWS as pure utility companies (which, over time they will for sure become) like any utility company be it water, gas, electricity or compute the provider will suffer an outage of some description, it’s almost completely unavoidable. The challenge is if your core business relies on the services of a cloud provider and if that provider has an issue that takes your site down, and then you have to have a secondary provider as part of a DR strategy.


Simply relying on one is just crazy as we can see from the AWS outages over the last two weeks, even if your application is designed to elastically scale and you have built in redundancy within your Hosts site, means nothing if the actual site goes down. When that happens it’s like you lost your rudder in the middle of the ocean in the middle of a storm.


In the “bricks and mortar” world companies think nothing of having a secondary generator for their own office building or another Telco provider with extra lines in the event of an outage - it’s about time their psychical world DR strategy was also expanded to encompass their virtual world as well.

2 years, 9 months ago on Answers To Gartner’s Six Cloud Computing Risks