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Very, very interesting. Great concept. Genius idea. I really hope this works. But how do you stop the various levels of hacks. Is there really anything out there that will stop pc users from hacking? Is 3rd party code injection to hard to deal with?


This year is my first year trying FPS online multi-player gaming on the PC. Not to detract from "Max Payne 3" but I purchase MW3. The cheating has gradually gotten so bad that it's really not fun at all especially when the hackers blatantly have gamer tags that tout they're cheats because nothing is really being done about it. Some of the hacking is so blatantly obvious, it would seem some simple scripts could catch the most annoying ones. Aimbotting being the biggest nuisance of them all. It's almost as if there's no human admins or any desire to stop hackers with regards to MW3. It's almost like the game makers are in cahoots with the hackers that sell their hacks.


Without giving out to much detail how does "Rockstar" visa via STEAM detect cheats? I mean is there a really simple means that can be coded to achieve some level of oversight that will catch hackers? If so, do you have any opinions about why someone as huge as the software makers of MW3 be allowed to just sit back and allow such blatant obvious hacking. I mean if they could just get one person like myself sitting in a lobby WATCHING not playing they would find that, (now it seems), there's not a match played where someone is cheating on either team. Some cheaters are very good at hiding the fact that their cheating and it's hard to tell if they are just super bad ass. The hacks available are pathetic for MW3 and it's not always obvious when someone is hacking. A layered banning approach like you outlined here sounds like a very good start, but I would like to hear some more details that will boost my confidence, that your confident, you have the means and wear withall to follow through with stopping hackers from destroying what can be a very fun and enjoyable experience. Your thoughts please.


Small Rant: To make matters worse, MW3 has forced Lag Compensation down our throats. So people with crappy inet connects for one reason or another are given an advantage over people that purposely paid big money just so that their inet connect has all the horse power needed to host if chosen. Unfairly taxed is what it seems like.


This little piece of illogic is exploited via "lag switching" through hardware or software means. I mean this is utterly ridiculous the levels that pc games are exploited yet not monitored. I'll never buy a game again to do online gaming until I feel confident Game Makers are trying to make an honest effort to not just take our money and standby watching us be molested by malcontents, but care about the fun gaming experience were looking for.




2 years, 9 months ago on Rockstar Gives Online Cheaters A Taste Of Their Own Medicine