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We are an arts foundation 4 autism, pending 501c3. I have been trying to find support and funding for over a year, can not find anyone to help. We are seeking funding, donors, supporters, donations of technology, partnerships within the music industry to help people with autism. Our website is or


As an individual with high functioning Aspergersyndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this disorder, I have always felt a need to make a difference for the people with autism. I dream of establishing a national organization like the American Heart Association or American Cancer Society to make living on the spectrum better for those with autism related disorders. Utilizing my knowledge and passion fortechnology with my personal experience and interest inautism, I launched, on January 11, 2011 .

We are a tech-focused state nonprofit. As we get funded we intend to help those on the autism spectrum by using technology-tablets and related computer technology plus the gift of music and the arts, to make the lives of people with autism better, and to support their families and the educational facilities that serve them.

We have a unique approach, view point and ideas.


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