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@KDillabough “You never make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it is no longer a mistake. It is a choice” ~ Lauren Condrad

3 hours, 35 minutes ago on Mistakes That Transform



Wow, this is a position I have never had ~ hiring, but I can see exactly how these 9 points could happen and why they will almost always lead to disappointment ~ or worse, disaster. Thank you for this! 

1 day ago on 9 Reasons Why Your New Hire Didn’t Work Out


@KDillabough I have to admit- it wasn't my own words- I read it a while back on a card at Pinterest, but I loved it instantly because that is exactly my own thought! 

1 day, 22 hours ago on Can You Concoct A Leader?



How grand. My personal favorite and the one I am relentless in both myself and passing along to others is that mistakes are COOL! Sheesh. We MUST be willing to make the mistake if we intend to grow and reach our goals. The absolute key is not making the same one twice- I kinda lean towards if you make it (the same mistake) twice- it is not a mistake- it is a choice. I also believe very strongly in talking about and owning our mistakes with others- not only does it help our own minds solidify what was wrong- but it could very well help others not to make the same one. Thank you for a great post.

2 days ago on Can You Concoct A Leader?


Burke ~ You always touch my heart with the posts you share with us. Always. Leadership has quickly become a passion to me as leading my Team, the team I love deeply and what we do, is another passion. To be able to help us all (everyone, not only my own very small team) to become stronger ~ together ~ is a passion that has captured my heart as surely as Alaska did, so long ago.

Together, we can do this. Anything! It seems so clear to me. It makes perfect crystal clear sense then that the key to making awesome and strong teams in business would be the same. Together.

Thank you Burke.

3 days ago on Examining The DNA of High-Performance Leadership Teams


CASUDI ~ My brain is still recovering from a total melt-down yesterday when an entire day's work went poof! as the power died. But this, as much as reading it made me grit my teeth (I guess I am not quite finished being a crank over yesterday!) ~ is a great point. When the trash (for want of a much better word) hits the fan ~ you have to be capable of a pretty nifty turn to survive it...or at the very least to keep moving forward.

My phrase is "Don't get stuck on stupid" ~ meaning that if something is not working ~ Switch! That simple. An yes, it is. Three quarters of the choices of directions we can ride out of Chisana, leading guests and clients involve crossing the river. The trick is first- having enough distance between myself and the person directly behind me that if (and so often it is "when") Thunder and I step into quick sand- we can get right back out of it without a major disaster. Then, if it isn't a quick reverse- sometimes, the sand and gravel wall collapses when you step into the quicksand- and there is no easy back up- lots of things have to happen very quickly- all while I am controlling a 1,600 pound worried animal. 

Thanks for reminding me that these quick turns are something we all deal with and have to be prepared for.

4 days, 2 hours ago on Turning On A Dime



I knew this was going to be a winner when I saw that Jen had chosen Magnus to take part in your graphic! Oh my gosh! I am so thrilled to hear all you shared! Sheesh, most of the time you would think I was the only person on the planet with a pointy stick at the ready!

I have a tendency to react very badly to any kind of an attack. Or, more importantly IMO, and kind of "perceived"attack. To me, allowing the attack has always seemed like leaving the corral gates open and wondering where all the horses ran off to. Now, some may feel that (and very well may be correct!) it (the attack) should just be ignored, because to respond may be "beneath" me or that those that know me should very well know that I Walk the Talk ~ However, if you allow the attack to go by without harsh and immediate correction- who knows what the smell of fresh blood might bring next.

As I have grown, both in age and my own experiences, I have become better at the 4 steps you mentioned and a whole lot less likely to come out of the corner swinging and I know that this is the better way and certainly a better example for others.... but seriously? I wouldn't count on it. LOL!

5 days ago on Do You Poke The Sleeping Bear or Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?


Oooo, Hot diggity! This is going to be a busy one, I can already see that. Personally- the point you made above, Gerry- saying that someone who WANTS to do something, produces so much more and better outcomes than a HAVE to- is huge for me. So I am looking forward to your chat and unless the world implodes or the power goes flippy on me- I'll be there, with my cape on!

5 days, 22 hours ago on Are You A Leader, An “Inspirer” Or Both?



Oh boy! My own kiddos were put straight up too. Horses are a huge focus in our lives so my thought process was start it early, no fears, no worries. Well. BOTH children (My son who will be 16 this year and my daughter who will be 7 very soon) were bucked off and scared by horses too well broke and trusted to ever do such a thing! But both times- unexpected things happened. Both times the heartache from what they both perceived as personal betrayals was horrendous. And BOTH times, it took quite a long while to get them comfortable again riding alone. 

I love the parallels you took from Joker and the force of momentum. It can happen in a blink and it can be pretty darn scarey- whether we are talking horses or talking professional success (or anything in between). I've been in some spots- I am in a couple right now as a matter of fact and there isn't a dang thing I can do about them- unless I want to just "bail off" and that really isn't an option. So I will just ride it out and see where I end up. Hope for the best, do my best to keep up and remember all I have learned. Thanks for this, Tony.

6 days, 1 hour ago on Ride The Momentum


Sean, I LOVED this list! LOL, a great different way of defining what leadership should be. Or rather, not!

6 days, 23 hours ago on The ABC’s Of What Team Leadership Is Not



What an important point. So very important and yet, standing where I am right now~ so incredibly hard. It is all well and good for us to speak of it (when we do) but now, focusing on the idea and fact of trust and how it relates to us each leading- it very well could be the most difficult thing of all to do.

The point you made ~ about the story that was shred with you, really makes the point. And truly, if we want to grow as leaders- we need to be able to trust others, give them (empower) the respect they have earned and let it go... and yes, it does feel as if this important business, this goal, is slipping out of your hands. But yes, it is our own progress and growth as leaders and as a business. It is also most likely, one of the hardest steps- for themselves (myself) to take. But we aren't here just to tread water, are we? Thanks for this post, Barbara. Very nice.

1 week ago on Stronger With trust


A great big pink sign (mine is pink- not that goofy yellow) that says "Under Construction". ~ LOL, this is what I see when I look into a mirror! ~ Well, that ... where DID those lines come from?!

Ali! This topic is so very important to me, on every single level of my own personal growth to each and every part of my life as a professional, trainer, as a leader and as a Mother. 

We each, absolutely MUST look inward. But even more importantly, we MUST force ourselves to be brutally honest about what IS there. You know how we say that our little kitty "thinks" he is a Tiger? Just exactly like that. It is all well and good to see what we want to become, but unless we also see all the warts and dents that need to be removed and smoothed ~ we are only, ONLY, fooling ourselves. Once we truly see and acknowledge our shortcomings, our own weaknesses (and warts) can we then set about learning what we need to, strengthening what needs to be stronger and finding a dang doctor to remove the ugly wart! LOL

What a great post! Thank you.

1 week, 2 days ago on What Does Your Reflection Tell You?


Mark this is great! Although I believe that pineapple has absolutely NO place on pizza! 

I also really liked your mention of the substitutions- I know that in our business everyone has to be able to pick up or take over where someone else left off. Stuff happens, and in our world, sometimes it happens with no warning and no time for a trip to the "store". It may not be one person's job, but everyone has to have the skills to pick it up and keep cooking. Thanks for this. A fun way to start the day.

1 week, 3 days ago on Kitchen Chemistry – Cooking Up Some (Company) Culture


Gosh! Absolutely. Jennifer, this is perfect. Excuses- all. People, Leaders most especially, leaders of absolutely anything and everything need to get over their bad selves and come to grips with the fact that this IS life today. (I wonder if people acted like this when the first phones were installed in everyone's homes?...Hmmm) 

Absolutely, absolutely. Connections. Real connections- not simply "Oh I have this huge number of followers" or "So-n-so follows me" THAT is so totally NOT a connection. Do they know your name? Do they recognize your gravitar? I can share with you this- I had 3 names (not including the one I was given upon being born!) and 4 different avitars when I started out on Social Media- trying to learn and catch up with everyone else without sounding like a total moron- but I knew (had learned in one of my first lessons) that REAL connections HAD to be made! And folks KNEW me! LOL, now maybe that was because I was a likeable moron, but hey! I was trying! And I was talking not only to people- but with them! Meeting new folks, every day! And they ALL knew something I did not know.

Thank you for this, Jennifer, and again, welcome to #bealeader. It is going to be wonderful getting to know you!

1 week, 4 days ago on No More Excuses



So true and so inspiring. Thank you for this.

1 week, 4 days ago on Who Inspires You To Be A Leader?



This is amazing. Truly. Not only the post, choosing this exact post to share with us here or the words you used ~ I just wrote a post about "Letting Go" ~ Cut it Loose ~ because I see this too often also lately. Holding onto the past, be it a particularly painful failure, betrayal, heartbreak or loss; can only be learned from and let go. Otherwise it truly is like dragging an anchor. Thanks for this, Lalita.

1 week, 6 days ago on How Do You “Let Go”?


Righteous, Chief! Simply awesome.

Hey, you know that so many of us were (and possibly still are) raised to give 100% ~ and therein is the downfall and trigger to those unacceptable thoughts and actions of "I give up." We must know now that the key lays in Willie's sugar happy mind. It actually takes more than that 100%. 

Some, may wonder "how this is even possible?" But those of us who have learned this the hard way knows that it isn't as impossible as it sounds. How do we grow? How do we give more of ourselves? By doing what needs to be done to #bealeader ~ by learning. By stretching ourselves so far, so consistently, that there is more room inside of us. By not giving up and by not only understanding but embracing that we are not alone, even as leaders. 

Thanks for this, Chip. An awesome way to start my day.

2 weeks ago on What Would Willie Wonka Do?


Absolutely. Trust is so very personal and people are the base of all we do. If we have no trust, we cannot begin to do what we must. Personally or professionally- as a team. Thanks for this, Mila. It is good to remember.

2 weeks ago on Finding Your Company’s Secret Weapon : Trust & Innovation




In all I have read, researched or even written in my own words ~ Devotion is a new word describing leadership and yet it seems to sum up everything that encompasses it. Such a beautiful word and it says so much more than commitment, loyalty or any of the other words  I have used. I found myself nodding, saying to myself "yes, uh-huh, yes" as I read through and when I came to "Devotion" and read on, that was the ringer for me. Reminding us all that it really is all about those we lead- even more so than our own hopes, desires, dreams. Thank you for this.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on The Four Dimensions Of Leadership


Martina, what an inspiring post to share with us. Thank you for this. I agree with Kaarina and will add to say it out-loud too.Tell someone you count on to not let you back down away from what truly makes you happy, better or stronger. A leader, mentor or a pal who has your back. Clarity. I like this!

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Clarity Leads To Achievement


CASUDI ! This is great! And I do completely agree with David. The best part about and one of the most important ingredients in making a GREAT leader is the self-study and understanding one has for him/her self. When we admit, discover, recognize and understand our weaknesses, we can work on them! It is really THAT simple. The hard part is doing the admitting and self-searching. Deeply and honestly. But it is only that, that will allow us to become stronger and in turn help others to do the same.

2 weeks, 4 days ago on The Key Ingredients To A Great Leader


@AliRodriguez ~ I can't wait!

2 weeks, 6 days ago on The Broken Mold Of A Leader


@CASUDI I had a very similar conversation about this not too long ago. I know that when I arrived online over three years ago now that I simply didn't understand (Oh so much!!) exactly what I was looking for ~ and I believe even if we come into SoMe with a plan and purpose, we are still looking for something, all of us- even if it is our natural inclination to be pulled to others like ourselves. 

I had never considered Leadership something other than what it truly is and represented by #bealeader. It pains me and makes the younger me want to stand up and scream ~ but there are humans everywhere, doing everything that should be smacked and told to sit down and zip-it.

Leadership isn't about a paycheck (although it is certainly nice to have one). It is about people and as the page says, "make others better." The only way to do that is to make ourselves better, even if it hurts. It takes honesty and seeing our own faults and digging in to work on them. It means admitting them and asking others for help. It means Walking the Talk- in real life. Real life is right now, right here, for each of us. No matter where we are. It means doing the right thing, right now. 

Nowhere in that "right thing" does back-stabbing, betrayal or dishonesty come into play. Nowhere does it mean selfishness, gimme-gimme or one-up-man ship. It is doing what is right and good for others, stretching out a hand to help someone else for no reason except that it is the right thing to do, showing others what is inside of each of us ~ and if a leader doesn't know what that is ~ that "leader" should sit down and discover it.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on The Broken Mold Of A Leader


@AliRodriguez LOL, thanks, Ali. This was a tough one for me... using the thought of "Originality". "Original" had twisted itself in my mind over the years into "creative" and I have always believed that I didn't have a creative bone in my body. I see it, love it, appreciate it... but don't own it. 

However, what I do know is how hard work (sometimes heart breaking, soul rending, back breaking and forever taking) and a strong heart and mind CAN overcome just about anything. An absolute refusal to give up.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on The Broken Mold Of A Leader


@Jen Olney Indeed, and this I think, has been the hardest lesson of all for me. This is a vitally important point in any leadership role, I think. 

I have never had the issue that I have witnessed in so many others ~ I have watched so many friends, coworkers, acquaintances loose friends have hard feelings or words over a friendship-working relationship; but I have seen enough to know that the fact is and will remain that these lines are necessary not only for professional success but also for keeping the heart whole- yours as well as theirs. It is just too hard for people otherwise. 

3 weeks ago on The Leadership Balance Between Personal and Professional


OH! Sabrina. THIS one is just plain tricky. Where we live and what we do... Well, it is dang near impossible, and yet as I say that- what you discuss in your post is on the mark- it is frustrating, heartbreaking and unbelievably difficult. We here in Chisana at Pioneer Outfitters take this (and all the dramas you mention) to a whole different level and it IS the hardest level of Leadership, I believe, that must be handled with great care. 

Now that I sit here, pondering what you wrote, I see that this point very well may be one of the greatest benefits I,  ~ and I don't think speaking for my Team is wrong on this ~ myself and my Team have received being part of #bealeader. The fine points of true and good leadership, the support from others leading from where they are, right now- all of it has helped me to be a better leader as well as a better team member- for US, in our particular environment.

Thank you for this post, Sabrina.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on The Leadership Balance Between Personal and Professional


Andy ~ Thanks for this. I can only say thank you, each time I read another post here at #bealeader because this and here is (IMO) one of the best and wisest decisions I have ever made- as a leader and as a person who desires to be more and better. You are all my network. You are all my mentors and leaders and rarely have I not learned or had a new insight to consider after reading posts here. So thanks.

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Leadership Development Through Authenticity


Brian- GREAT example, on every level of not only Leadership but complex challenges (And they should both be capitalized for their complexity and challenges presented!) ~ makes almost the daily horrors seem almost insignificant. Almost. But what it does make another perfect example of is what people can do when they come together to solve these complexities and challenges. Thank you for this.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Complex Challenges Require Leader Driven Solutions


Lalita, Great choice to share with us! 

Okok. "Me-Time"- personally, I think that is hilarious. (And yes, I realize how sad that actually is)  So, your post- 

First, goals are in place- Check! 

#1 I know EXACTLY who I am...though I am open to the direction I am supposed to head, so that I may fulfill my true Purpose. 

#2 I am passionate about EVERYTHING! LOL, In a word, LIFE. 

#3- NOTHING holds me back except for my own lack of knowledge, I think, and I work on that every single day. 

#4- umm, nooo, not so much. LOL I am incredibly flexible, so long as my flexibility gets me exactly where I aim ~ LOL, yes a little bit of Margaret Thatcher's wisdom (and one of my favorite quotes) twisted to suit me. And finally #5- Perfection? I would hope I have grown wise enough to see that as folly. I am a staunch believer in never settling however- from myself or others, we should always be working to make ourselves and helping others to be more and better at that than we were yesterday.

~ Thank you for a wonderful post, Lalita!

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Five Questions On Work Life Balance


@CASUDI "Letting it all out" ~ Absolutely. We must trust ourselves and in turn teach others to trust themselves and what they already know and are learning. Thank you, CASUDI.

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Empowering You…


@AlliPolin It really is, but we each have to BELIEVE that- I believe that is the "em" (as CASUDI said!) in the power!

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Empowering You…


@davidallenspell Thank you, David! It really does... LOL, ok, I am ready to rock!

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Empowering You…



Great choice to share with us! I for one, had never considered that cliques and silos (and I had never heard of "silo" being used like "clique") being anything, ever, other than a bad or negative. I see exactly what you mean though- I will have to ponder on this and see what kind of changes in my own thought process I can make before trying to explain this. It makes awesome sense- but hey, me first! LOL Thanks, Sean.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Why Your Team May Need More Cliques And Silos


Christopher ~ I too, have felt this same frustration, albeit a bit differently. You see, I am a woman in what is absolutely, factually and basely; a MAN'S world. Not only that! I am their Leader, their manager, their lead guide and trainer and their Boss. (Oh the horror!) I am not the only one, mind you, but there are very few of us. Oh sure, as the years go by, there are more women embracing their passion for the outdoors and our industry but in reality it is sadly short-lived for most. 

I am sharing this with you as it links directly to trust as well. What we do is incredibly hard, physically, of course, but also emotionally and mentally. Lives depend on choices we make, every day. Some of these choices get no second chances and are made in split-seconds. 

Trust is as precious a commodity as the time and experiences that create it. Walking the Talk is the only way I have found to truly secure that and when one is short on either time or experience it makes that trust a very fragile thing. Thanks for a great post this morning and the words to encourage those just beginning.

4 weeks, 1 day ago on The Evolution Of Trust


Mark! This is wonderful and deeply touching as well. The simple reason I say this is that I agree... Average Joe. Exactly. I also think this falls hand in hand with Jen's "Leading from where you are now.." We each, are given the gift of leadership as we mature. Over ourselves if we choose to take that responsibility and when ~ and for those watching us.. which I believe that even our children are leaders in this way. People, are always watching us, weighing our words, our expressions and our actions. Children are not only watching our actions as their parents or teachers but they also watch each other's actions and words ~ this is how they learn and the question is "what are they learning?"

Thank you for this, Mark. A great post.

4 weeks, 1 day ago on We Are All Originals, Right Where We Are


Outstanding!! Wow, I am so glad I clicked here. I love the kryptonite explanation, best though. It is always easier (for me at least) if I know which path(s) lead to disaster. And lookie this! The FIRST #bealeader tweetchat?! How cool is that.

1 month ago on Confidence…The Super Power That Lies Within….


LOL! Ha! ~ I just had a similar conversation with my Team a few days ago! Although mine was more in and along the lines of "Why aren't you having any fun?" Seriously. If life is such a IS very short and unpredictable ~ we have to be "all there" and loving it! We cannot do our best work, we cannot see, hear and do all that needs to be done if we are "draggin'-*ss" and doing it with half a heart. Thank you for the reminder!

1 month ago on Clear Intention…


Kneale ! Ha! "Or we could keep doing what we’ve been doing for several hundred years. How’s that working for us?" ~ And that really sums it up. It is one of my biggest heartaches so often. So many people have heard my "we all know what is right" lecture. Not too many people (that I have met, anyways) are truly stupid. So why get stuck there? Great post, Kneale. Thank you.

1 month ago on No One Wants A Boss


Oh Kaarina! Perfect!!

I LOVE both that quote, "Everything that needs to be said has already been said, but, since nobody was listening, everything must be said again.” AND what you added! "...even if everything has been said, it hasn’t been said in YOUR voice, with YOUR interpretation, with YOUR point of view."

And I must admit, I had a very confusingly difficult time with the "Originality" subject. THIS really clicked with me. Thank you for this!!

1 month ago on What Does It Mean To Be Original?



Oh my heavens, be-still my heart, finally! LOL, Someone who leads/teaches/preaches/rants to the same tunes I do! (Seriously!)

First- "Work should be enjoyed, not endured." Well, yes, duh and why is that such a terribly hard thing for folks to truly embrace? Next and oh I am grinning from ear to ear: Good enough is NOT good and NOT enough!

I loved that you said "Serve your employees (Team in my case), then your clients then yourself." ~ I had never thought of it this way but it is truly the right path. The Team, the employees, are what makes everything work and shine ~ they MUST come first. Clients? Of course. Then and only then, ourselves. As it should be. As Leaders, boss, parents, teachers... we must care for those who look to us first ~ this is responsibility. Thank you for such an inspiring and motivating post for my day.

1 month ago on Three Principles For A Flourishing Organization



What a beautiful testament to your father. I would have loved to have known him. I was blessed with teachers who made up for (for the most part) their lack of originality with personal investment in each one of us who were their students and a sincere caring but I did have one teacher similar in thought to your Father's approach. 

Like your father, she wasn't praised or celebrated by her peers, at least in my time with her but she certainly made a huge difference to our lives and thanks to Face Book, she is surrounded by students from all through the years.

Thank you for this post, Kristine, it reminds us to be courageous and find what touches others hearts and minds, to empower them to be all the world needs them to be. We do gain so much more than we can ever give when we give from the heart.

1 month ago on Teaching An Original Beat


Hey my favorite one and only #RockHot lady! If anyone in the Universe can figure stuff out I would place my bet on you. I have a huge inkling I am going to need your wisdom soon, so you fight the good fight and remember you are so not in an echo chamber. We are listening. 

1 month ago on The Dark Side of Blogging