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When I first started using Instagram, it was mostly about connecting with friends and seeing what they were up to. [plus trendy filter]. I agree with Christopher. Instagram makes communities better because of its sharing. One automatically feels connected to another user through likes, comments, and @mentions. Because so many people are on Insta, it automatically becomes its own community. 

I really appreciate brands, celebs, and companies using Insta because it automatically makes the follower feel more involved just by viewing a picture. You become a part of that community as soon as you click "follow". As soon as you start intertwining your Insta with other social media platforms, your "community" expands and improves.

I love the accessibility of insta as well. It's as simple as click and share. Now that Android users are able to engage in the wonderful world of Insta as well, communities can grow, and in result, become better. Thanks, Christopher!!

2 years, 9 months ago on How Instagram Makes Communities Better