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Thank you ´╗┐Gini, I tried many different systems, but to see the difference in task management systems need to try and test the free version. In many known systems working together have free versions, for example on is implemented well. Or you can search for other systems.

2 years, 9 months ago on Technology vs. Paper for Your Task List


The system of Salesforce and Zoho - powerful platform, but like any other CRM software, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. I think that should be more emphasis on the needs of CRM platform your organization, it helps to see all the gaps and complete platform modules before display it on the market, well in the future to try every solution for your company, as it has successfully done in now we use them and see that the developers hone their platform under him, and we liked it too, we ourselves often in favor of proposals that would like to see in the system, what tools we are lacking, but it was an alliance with the developers and makes the system better.

2 years, 9 months ago on Why We Chose Salesforce CRM Over Zoho