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The basis of their whole science is flawed. In other words it is a false science masquerading as the truth. Louis Pasteur put it best when he said "The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything". This was his deathbed confession for misleading all of science to believe in the almighty power of the germ theory. Scientists are not well versed on health and life only death and disease so they readily miss the fact that enzymes kill germs. And that God's gift of grass fed milk to us is loaded with enzymes. Ahhhh yes, but the monetary profit in the germ theory is too great, so as to blind their eyes. -- The above is what I posted on the above is what i posted today on  See the following article from Michael Schmidt's FB page: 

now Health Canada is offering an opportunity to comment on whether regulations ought to be made or changed.

It’s a joint effort with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States which is extending a similar invitation.

Their joint risk assessment is that soft cheese made from raw milk are 50 to 160 times more likely to sicken people with bacterial attacks, such as Listeriosis, than similar cheeses made with pasteurized milk .

Dr. Doug Powell comments on his Barfblog website that “while raw milk and raw milk products put all consumers at risk, the bacteria they may contain can be especially dangerous to people with weakened immune systems, older adults, pregnant women and children.”

The two agencies are inviting comments that would help them to improve on:

• the approach used;

• the assumptions made;

• the modeling techniques;

• the data used; and

• the clarity and transparency of the draft quantitative risk assessment documentation.

To submit comments electronically, go to docket FDA-2012-N-1182 on

The comment period opens February 11, 2013 for 75 days.

2 years, 2 months ago on Country’s Largest Raw Milk Supplier Sues FDA for Ban on Interstate Sales


Do you not remember the wars of the Israelites?  And how God gave them victory over their enemies so that 10 people could route 1,000?  That was a message for us today.  The Constitution is based on the Hebrew God. Because of that He will back us up in the same way He did the Israelites.  Fight that the Constitution is honored as the highest law of the land which it is.

2 years, 9 months ago on Uncelebrating the Fourth of July