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@ThomasRoberts Don't misuse the label "progressive", an acquaintance of mine who spent long time in the hardcore-Left as a "democratic"-socialist explained to me all those in the hardcore-Left hide behind the labels "liberal" and "progressive", and that includes from fascists (i.e., corporatist socialists), to social-"democrats" (i.e., selective socialists), to "democratic"-socialists (i.e., non-Marxist full-fledged socialists), to Marxists, to Marxist-Leninists, to communistic-anarchists. Now, genuine liberals (i.e., tolerate that government spend heavily) and doctrinaire-Keynesians (i.e., demand that government spend heavily) --all "for the common good"-- are the ones properly entitle to the titles of "liberals" and "progressives", but they are boy-scouts compared to those in the hardcore-Left.

Now, the RINOs and establishment Republicans are dance partners of the DemocRATS (NOTE: Al "Fat Rat" Sharpton attests to the accuracy of such spelling of that political brand); they all are members of the American Nomenklatura*, that is, the huge Ruling Class of America, which has three main components:

1- The Political Ruling Sub-class, that is the high-hierarchy strata of the REPUGNican Party and the DemocRAT Party.

2-  The Bureaucratic Ruling Sub-class, that is, career bureaucrats encysted in governments ranging from city, to special-district, to county/parish/borough, to state, to federal governments. They favor the political party that squanders taxpayer money the most, that is, the DemocRATS.

3- The Economic Ruling Class, that is, the cast of fascist-corporatism "entrepreneurs" who are bedfellow of the Political Ruling Sub-class. Here belong, for example, the honchos of Chrysler, General Motors, General Electric, Comcast, Yahoo, Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest of "social media", plus all "green-tech" business and industry.


*--- Nomenklatura = To get an idea of what "nomenklatura" means, read NOMENKLATURA-- the Soviet Ruling Class: An Insider's Report --- written by Soviet defector Mikhail "Michael" Voslensky in the early 1980s -- it's out of print but you can buy cheap used copies. 

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