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 @ctsai Hi Chris. It's not fair that you (not personally you) specified a date for quitting hosted apps, but for openid support you only write ambigous "soon". Please explain in some easy accesible place if we'll still be able to have these great things that hosted apps were bringing to us:


1. no spam because of using sf accounts

2. no need to create new accounts for the apps


I suggested ability to integrate 6 months ago:

No answers yet. Maybe it's time to provide one now?


If we are to patch the apps to make them fit sourceforge best, what is the place to talk about it? Maybe there should be projects like "MediaWiki for sourceforge"? Anyone can start such a project, but it makes sense only if it's linked from sourceforge pages for ex-hosted-apps-admins.

2 years, 9 months ago on Hosted apps retirement