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I am tired of of watching Nascar because every 6 laps there is a commercial. This is the reason the ratings are down! Who wants to see 4-6 commercials every 6 laps? I know I don't! That is ridiculous! I do not care if you put the race in a little screen. When a caution comes out they still did't go back to the race! And now my driver is out of the chase after being in second place. I am done watching for the season. And thinking I am done for good I watch for the racing not the commercials!

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I have received the ics update I love it. But it seems something is now draining my battery since the update. Never had this problem before. I am not even on my phone all day since I work 10hrs a day. But when I got off a good portion was drained. I have been surfing like normal while Home now for maybe 2hrs and I'm at half battery. Anyone else having this issue?

2 years, 9 months ago on First Impressions: Ice Cream Sandwich On The DROID RAZR