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How often is the ball snapped within 10 seconds now?  Also, doesn't the rule favor the team with a lead in the 4th quarter?  Will a team down 10-21 points be able to go to their two-minute offense to mount a comeback?  

I agree with the mathematical point about the potential for injury with additional plays, but don't teams have strength and conditioning coaches?  I love defense, too, but I don't like the rule.

1 year, 2 months ago on Ole Miss’ Freeze Not Happy With NCAA Proposal To Slow The Game; But The NCAA Should Do Just That


As far as kick-off safety is concerned, why don't they make the kick-off team start in a 3-point stance instead of getting a running start.  Sure players are bigger and faster and will get up to speed, but it will be easier for the return team to slow them down.

1 year, 9 months ago on New Ejection Rule Will Be The Most Controversial Rule Change In Ages


For once, this is something newsworthy about his Tweets.  Wish I understood him and wish I knew what instigated his outburst.  Total lack of maturity, restraint, and self-control.  The fire on the field is great, but leave it on the field.  Yes, he's only 20, but you gotta learn from the past.  He just doesn't seem to get that.  

He's compared a lot to Russell Wilson.  When pulling for a local team in NC, I go with the Wolfpack, so I've watched and heard media reports about him while he was in Raleigh.  Wilson was and is a classy and mature young man far beyond his years.  Manziel needs to grow up. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Reported Tweet From Johnny Manziel: “Can’t Wait To Leave College Station”


Yes, a little more tact would have been nice.  But, given the folks he was with, Steven A. Smith and Skip personalities who generate viewership and readership by being tactless...I'm sure he was just "chatting" with them.  He's not a communications or public relations major. :-)  Also, yes, much of his exposure and following is self-inflicted.  It's a much different era and he's doing what kids do. So what...he Instagrams/Tweets that he's at the NBA Finals.  My kids would probably do that, too.  The posts of photos w/LaBron, the Duck Dynasty folks, etc. need to stop.  That does seem a little excessive though I assume the compliance office has told him it's OK.  I wish he would realize that *EVERYTHING* he says and does is going to be monitored  and spun to generate viewership and page hits.

@LFJeremy  is reiterating everything I heard of the situation with the grad assistant on the sideline.  If he tries to push C.J. Mosley on September 14 if he throws an INT and C.J. is in his face, let's talk then.  It just demonstrates his ultra-competitiveness.  I'm hoping it carries over to the fall and another good season.  Just hope it doesn't turn out to be another 2011!?!  High expectations then a big thud.  Behind them all the way.  No 2-percenter here. 

Gig 'em!!

1 year, 10 months ago on A&M’s Manziel On Tebow: “I Would Hope I’m A Better Passer”


It's sad when someone takes pride in mediocrity.  The Sooners aren't as strong as they think and t.u. is stuck in a rut of sub-par performances.  So instead of owning up to the faults of their top teams, they are taking pride in their parity.  Basically, "Our conference is so strong top to bottom, there's not much difference between one and eight or nine."  When A&M was in the Big 12, I knew the SEC was far better.  It's obvious.  I was just happy that the Big 12 was stronger than the ACC so I could give friends on Tobacco Road grief.  Obviously, saying my conference is better than the ACC is pretty pathetic.  Glad we're in the conference of champions now.

1 year, 11 months ago on Kansas’ Weis Backs Stoops’ Criticism Of SEC


Has anyone asked Spurrier yet?  That's the SEC coach I want to hear from.  :-)

1 year, 11 months ago on Saban Responds To Stoops: “Lot Of Animosity Out There”


According to Rivals and 247Sports, Otaro Alaka committed to the t-sips this past Monday.

2 years ago on SEC Recruiting Notebook: Texas Star Has Eyes On The SEC


What I find interesting is the comments to the article.  This is from the t.u. flagship newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman!!!  The t-sips get it.  Guess losing is getting to them.  Hopefully DeLo$$ and Mack will be there for a while. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Texas A.D. Dodds Takes A Shot At Mizzou


I'm all in w/the SEC and was happy to see the Tide rolling big over the Irish last night.  Glad we can say we are the only team to beat them this year, too.  Gig 'em, Aggies!!!

2 years, 3 months ago on Notre Dame AD on Bama: “They’re Better Than Everyone”




Once again, kudos on the series.  I love your analysis and data.


You mentioned baseball in the article.  How much does the competitive level of the non-revenue sports drive things.  If you look at baseball, softball, and track and field the SEC rules.  IMHO, the ACC is the second best baseball conference and most of the ACC teams on the table are strong in baseball.  The ACC is very strong in men's and women's soccer and lacrosse.  Would the SEC expand their sports to include men's soccer and men's/women's lacrosse or have them compete independently. 




2 years, 4 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 2)


Before we seriously start talking about picking apart the ACC, don't forget the $50M exit fee.  It's going to be interesting to see how the suit filed against Maryland by the ACC plays out.  The four schools that exited the B12 in the last three years all negotiated and paid reduced fees.  My gut is telling me the ACC is going to play hardball with MD.  They are fighting for their survival and making it hard for anyone to leave.


If the ACC does start crumbling, I would say the B1G makes the first move on Virginia, Duke, UNC, and GaTech.  Probably toss GaTech if they can talk ND into (finally) joining the B1G.  VaTech and NCSU are better cultural fits in the SEC.  Stop there.  As I said in my comment after Louisville joined the ACC (, I really think the NC schools are a three pack.  But...I think Debbie Yow, AD @ NCSU would jump to the SEC over B1G, if UNC takes the first move to the B1G.  UNC is the tail that wags the ACC dog.  Remember that the ACC commish is a former UNC football player and AD.  He's going to take care of them first and foremost.  See how fast that $50M exit fee gets dropped in that situation!!!  In this scenario, FSU, Clemson, Miami, Louisville, and maybe GaTech and/or Pitt  move to the B12.  BC, Syracuse would probably fall back to the Big East.  I'm not sure what the Pac-12 would try to do, but Boise and UNLV makes sense.  Preliminary talks have probably already taken place.

2 years, 4 months ago on With Seven Schools Exiting The Big East, Get Ready For The Big Bang


It was a violent hit, but as a football play it wasn't a dirty hit.  You might can argue that Dial took the opportunity to "aggressively block" the QB where physics took over.  Dial (6' 6"/304) led with his right shoulder right into Murray's (6' 1"/210) chest.  The force of the hit snapped Murray's head forward into Dial's.  If that was a block on a punt return we wouldn't be having this conversation.  How many times to you see a wicked block on a return?  The fact that it's a star QB shouldn't matter.  The QB has to be aware that he becomes a normal player once the other team has the ball.  If Murray didn't know that then, I bet he does now.

2 years, 4 months ago on Bama’s Dial “Getting A lot Of Heat” Over Hit On UGA’s Murray, But Will He Get A Suspension?


Let's do it big and lock up the Southeast. The SEC needs an NC and VA presence and because of the reasons I outline below, you need one more school.  Take FSU, UNC, NCSU, Duke, VaTech, and UVA and move up to 20.  Expansion now is about marketshare and money.  The ACC had to add Louisville to get balance in the conference vs. the academics they would have preferred to get.  From the academic perspective that the university presidents like to talk about, you can't go wrong with the six I select.


- UNC, NC State, and Duke are be a package deal.  I don't think you can pick one or two of them.  UNC and NCSU are tied together at the state governmental level.  It will be hard to split UNC and NCSU.  At least that is what NC State fans tell me when I talk to them about joining the SEC.  UNC and Duke are tied together emotionally so take all three.  UNC/Duke basketball is equal to the football rivalries of the SEC.  It would move the SEC to the top in basketball and the competition of baseball in the SEC would certainly go up.  The women's athletics at those schools (not usually talked about here) is top notch, too.


- With an odd number from NC, you need another school.  FSU seems to be more SEC-like than ACC-like anyway and they gives the SEC more eyeballs in the 4th largest state.  Florida has around 20 million people.  Sorry, Gators, but the entire state is not watching you.  Get more.


- UVA and VaTech would probably go together as well and garner the Richmond, Norfolk, and DC markets.


Sorry Clemson, you are more SEC-like than anyone other than FSU in the list.  However, you just don't bring enough value to the table since the SEC already has a presence there.  There are almost as many people in Houston as there are in all of SC.


Put them in regional pods to maintain build those rivals.  Someone smarter than me can figure out the scheduling to maintain the traditional SEC rivalries like Georgia/Auburn and Tennessee/Alabama.  Lots of options though.


SEC-Atlantic:  Virginia Virginia Tech Duke North Carolina North Carolina State

SEC-South:  South Carolina Georgia Tennessee Florida Florida State

SEC-Central:  Kentucky Missouri Vanderbilt Alabama Auburn

SEC-West:   Arkansas Ole Miss Mississippi State LSU Texas A&M

2 years, 4 months ago on Louisville To The ACC, But What’s That Aftershock Mean For The SEC?


When I saw Clear was visiting A&M a couple of weeks ago, I did a little research and found the theft in his past.  He may be an awesome player, but his character concerns me.  Hopefully he'll take advantage of a second chance and the past is the past.  I do get the impression that Sumlin is a stickler for discipline.  Sticky fingers are good on the field for a TE.  Maybe that's where they'll stay while in College Station.   We'll see. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Tight End Clear Commits To Texas A&M


I saw that clip on the Texas A&M Football Show yesterday.  Thought it was great and found it odd when I saw he had banned the cameras.  Sports are emotional.  The victors celebrate and the vanquished wrap their wounds in the immediate aftermath.  Maybe he doesn't want stale, 12 month old bulletin board material for next season.  Who knows, but I agree with the lighten up message. 

2 years, 6 months ago on A&M’s Sumlin Needs To Lighten Up Over Victory Celebration Video


This is one Ag that has your back, John.  Been following your objective reports since 2010 when we almost left the B12 along with Colorado and Nebraska. OK, Ags get over it.  I think this is the first major ruckus that there's been an opportunity to report on A&M since we joined.  Seen the same type of flames when there was a perceived slight to other schools.  Everyone has their own opinion.  I'm just glad Sumlin has a muzzle on the players so there's no real bulletin board material  Excited and anxiously awaiting 3:30EDT for our first taste of the SEC.  Win or lose, glad to be here.

2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville