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foxsports1 is blocking everyone who posts negative comments on there facebook  page, everyone who isnt blocked should go to there facebook page and rip them for being buttholes.

1 year ago on Speed fans are angry about Fox Sports 1


brent  musberger is the worse announcer on tv followed closely by mark may, who has a facebook page intitled ohio state fans who cant stand mark may.

1 year ago on The 2013 Pam Ward Chronicles Week 1


foxsports betrayed racing fans whan they dumped speed for this new crap fans who may never forgive them.

1 year, 1 month ago on NBC turns to auto racing to fuel cable network


today august2,2013 foxsports1 programing was talking heads soccer bigtime rasslin aka ufc and boxing that was a rerun. pretty sorry programing the only way ill ever watch foxsports1 is they are covering a race or ohio state playing something. nothing else inerest me after they pulled this stunt pulling speedchanel for this nonsence.

1 year, 1 month ago on Speed fans are angry about Fox Sports 1