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I love that your photo is more appetizing looking than the original! And I've made this before ... it tastes great but I wouldn't compare it to Olive Garden. My own work, sweat and tears (due to having to make it myself) must give it a funny taste because when someone else prepares my food it tastes 100 times better!

2 years, 8 months ago on Olive Garden Pasta Alfredo


The post is certainly misleading. I tried it as directed as well. When it came out like the Fun Dip candy from my childhood I wasn't too upset, until I tasted it. Bleh! Certainly nothing like the flavored sugar I was expected. So I went back to the blog to call her on it and read some of the comments. Apparently she agrees (in the COMMENTS) that it is better if you MIX the soda and the cake mix. It won't be exactly cobbler-like but it will taste good. So I tried it that way and it wasn't awful considering I just dumped the ingredients into a pan a stirred. I love not having to measure!

2 years, 10 months ago on Easy Berry Cobbler