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What the right-wing handjobs on this moronic website don't seem to realize is that: (1) you are paying for the uninsured to have access to healthcare right now - except you are paying for the most expensive way to deliver it and that is when people are already extremely sick and present at the emergency room, and (2) that to do nothing about healthcare - NOTHING - is more expensive than Obamacare.   I don't think the Affordable Care Act was a good piece of legislation - we should have just implemented national health care like every other civilized country on the face of the planet - but it is far better than the inefficient, privatized sytem of piracy we have now, that permits fat, lazy CEOs of health insurance companies make millions from your insurance premiums, while 30 million of your fellow Americans go without health care!

2 years, 9 months ago on What next? Nullify!