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There are 3 Communist Jews on the Supreme Court. Jews by  nature are subversives, destroyer of nations.


This decision was a bold move by Jews to steer this country toward Socialism and eventually communism, the other side of the same coin it shares with Freemasonry, Judaism for Gentiles. The goal of which is to create 1 world government and 1 world religion.


No, this is not some stupid idea by some nut. This was what the Roman Catholic Church taught for hundreds of years until the Church itself was infiltrated by Communists and Freemasons beginning in the 1930s and culminated in a complete takeover in 1959 when Cardinal Rancelli became Pope John XXIII. The takeover was completed by then.


Welcome to what the Church has warned us for at least 400 years through many of her teachings and proclamations. The Church ceased to make these pronouncements because at the very top of the Church freemasonry reigns.


Things will get progressively worst from here.

2 years, 9 months ago on What next? Nullify!