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Exactly. No State fan on here is denying the fact that we have one of the easiest OOC schedules in the land. Believe it or not, Mr. SEC was not the first site to point this out. But, as a program, State has only been to 15 bowl games period. We are not at the point to where we can just go out there a schedule another big non-conference school and expect the outcome to benefit our this point. We still have only beaten TSUN from the West. Let us take a couple more of the Western Division schools down first before we start to reach out for big OOC games.


And just how many non-conference schools are chomping at the bit to put us on their own schedule? Playing in Starkville might not be like playing in Tuscaloosa, or Death Valley, but it for sure ain't easy. And Starkville ain't exactly a tourist attraction itself.  Again, this is the way things are at this current time. Of course, if State continues to improve under Mullen, then eventually we will be able to secure those big OOC games like LSU and Bama.

2 years, 9 months ago on MSU A.D. Stricklin Defends Pastry-Filled Football Schedule


We aren't to that level yet, that's true. Most State fans would agree with that statement. To schedule teams like Michigan, Va Tech, Texas, or even Arizona and also play LSU and Bama on the road in the same season would be suicide for MSU. Not that we couldn't beat these teams at least at home, but to add one or more than one just to improve our SOS would be detremental as of right now. Stricklin is right. For us, we are on a roll with home attendance, and believe it or not, 2 bowl wins in a row for us is a big deal. Why would we not want to continue that success at the cost of our SOS? I sure as to hell would, and have no problem paying extra for my season tickets this year, and plan to be at all the cupcake games as well as the SEC games.

2 years, 10 months ago on MSU A.D. Stricklin Defends Pastry-Filled Football Schedule