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Hey Yuvi,


It's James Ducat.


I was gonna vote for #13, AKA the Scrivener Screed, because it is good (and true).


Ultimately though, based on your criteria, I chose #10 - Big Projects, Small Lists. I have many reasons. Feel free to stop reading these reasons at any point.


1. You consider a topic that writers and non-writers can appreciate.

2. Although the idea (making lists) is not new, you go into just the right amount of detail regarding types of lists and managing those lists to make it helpful without being overburdensome.

3. I love the old school typeface.

4. And the ASCII art.

5. I think I need more reasons to justify the earlier use of the word "many."

6. It encouraged me to make lists, such as this one.


Best of luck. Any video you choose will be great.


2 years, 9 months ago on Crowdsourcing My Anxiety