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Meistersinger: Yes!
One Handed: Yes!
Blue dial: Yes!
Chrono; Yes!

Price: dammit....

4 days, 7 hours ago on Introducing The MeisterSinger Paleograph Chrongraph


While the phone and tablet market rushes away from skeuomorphism and embraces a (too?) flat design mantra, The smart watch makers are all going the other way with drop shadows, pixel guilloche, and starburst designs that won't react to lighting conditions. Not to mention the faux-est of diamonds that won't sparkle. I don't get it much. If they're catering to a tech society (their strength) then make the UI consistent.  In my opinion they are not going to woo many traditional watch wearers with pixel bling or some reinterpretation of a chronograph, with an email counter in a "sub dial".

4 days, 12 hours ago on Samsung Gear S Introduces Curved Screens To Smartwatches


I'm struggling to picture anyone I've ever met that would desire and purchase a Star Trek music box, let alone one that costs $21 thousand.  The people I imagine having this much disposable cash for (a completely useless curio) - are they rabid Star Trek fans? More precisely, wealthy, rabid Star Trek fans who also like Star Wars, Led Zeppelin, The Stones and the Clash covers by a music box.

Does that person(s) even exist?

5 days, 10 hours ago on MB&F MusicMachine 2 Is Musical Ode To Star Trek USS Enterprise


Barftacular!  I live about two miles away from their stadium. I could not care less about the 'boys,  Sadly, they'll probably sell every one of these crapfests.

6 days, 5 hours ago on Hublot Now In The NFL With Dallas Cowboys Football Team Sponsorship


Love the movement! I could do without the sci-fi flavor, but it does not repell me or quash my desire. I now need to search for other small table clocks like this with more earthly designs and pricing. Any ideas where to start?

1 week, 2 days ago on MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock By L’Epée Hands-On


Pretty cool. I'm not sure if they're worth the asking price, but I'm intrigued. These look like they would chew up a watch case in no time for fans of the watch+bracelet look. 

1 week, 4 days ago on Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel Bracelet


Pros - the case, the smooth seconds.

Cons - the super cheap (looking) strap, the thin, poor application of blue pigment on the second hand, the accutron name.

If the smooth seconds is a focal point, then make the second hand worth looking at. I can change the strap, but certainly another $5 in the strap budget would not have killed the project. I get that there's some "history " behind the name, but I detest suffixes like "tron", "rama", and others that make the product sound dated and still trying to leverage a mid-century notion of modernism.

Sometimes timeless classic styling just comes off as stale. Like this does.

2 weeks ago on Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review


I see Omega is a full fledged player in the bullshart pricing game. They've built this basic watch for ages, are amortizing the co axial buy cramming it in every watch the sell. Where does $6000 for a 3 hand watch come from? Build a nice watch, price it realistically, and maybe they wouldn't need to spend a hundred million on ads convincing people to buy one.

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial Watches Hands-On


I like the vintage one best. I think this watch would have been an appropriate place for that aged tritium faux vintage luminant. The green is off putting and looks inexpensive in this application.

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Eterna Heritage Military Limited Edition Watch Hands-On


With my background in industrial mechanics and love for simple and restrained styling, I'll say that this looks just about perfect to me from an aesthetic POV.  I'd remove only the Tourbillon text from the movement plate. It's unnecessary and cheapens the look too much. I'm digging the tiny little ball bearings, they are much more interesting than a synthetic jewel.

Now where's that spare $80K?

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Hajime Asaoka Project T Tourbillon Indepedent Japanese Watch


Cool machine, what's it do? Almost looks like a watch.

1 month ago on TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon Watch Hands-On


@antjay @DangerussArt

Agreed, but the London > Bangladesh differential is vastly different than Bremont >  La Joux-Perret, The movement isn't crap just because it's not fully Bremont.  I'll admit that the stratospheric price escaped me there for a bit. I'm sure the Arnold & Son piece isn't cheap either.

The trust thing. It's important and then again probably not. I'd bet like most brands the number they sell to WIS is a fraction of those sold to people who just think it's a neat watch,

1 month ago on The Real Story Behind The Bremont Wright Flyer In-House Made BWC/01 “London” Watch Movement


Here's my take. Is it honestly that big of a deal?  If one was going to buy the watch, would you not now? It's not like the movement is sh1t now, that its source is more readily known. If anything, I'd have more faith in the thing now that I know a reputable "engine builder" is behind it rather than be an early adopter of an unproven new manufacture.

Within the watch industry, loads of firms subcontract co-supply and share methodology when it benefits them with or without full disclosure. Our cars are many times more costly, carry our families and other precious cargo, yet are comprised of parts from likely hundreds of suppliers. No one is demanding full disclosure of all sources for that. So why is this such a big deal?

So they kept some sliver of truth from you?  Oh my goodness!  Ever buy a shirt made in Bangladesh, eat sausage, dine out, buy gasoline, use an investment firm? Oh how the secretive non-disclosed truths of those industries must make life unbearable for those that are getting this worked up about a watch movement.

So despite the apparent "sins", Bremont has still produced a uniquely styled, configured movement that is unique to Bremont in its finished form.  Industries of all sorts incorporate semi-finished goods and parts into their final product with nary a word to the consumer. And we're all fine. 

So withing this hobby there seem to be far too many obsessive types who must make their superior knowledge of minutia known to the world.  I'd be willing to bet that the first to raise a flag about this "heinous" offense has no interest in the brand, the watch or harming anyone, but merely could not resist exhibiting some self congratulating "Look what I know - see how important I am?" foolishness.

I'm not a Bremont fan-boy or rabid defender of the brand.  I can always count on the watch hobby to make me feel normal in the face of all this pedantic "outrage".

1 month ago on The Real Story Behind The Bremont Wright Flyer In-House Made BWC/01 “London” Watch Movement


My wife buys award gifts for a large company that is very woman centric. As such I see loads and loads of inexpensive costume jewels and cheap, overly "gem" encrusted watches. While these are the "real-deal" if you stuck these in the pile or in a catalog page, I'd be hard pressed to differentiate between these and a $15 example of the same style.  I'm obviously jaded but after seeing so much of it, these get unfortunately grouped in the cheap looking category in my eye.

The quintessential tiny MOP dial and diminutive hands in a sea of stones is a staple of the costume watch arena.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Buccellati Watches Hands-On In Milan


$2690? Must be a typo. Seriously impressive watch for so few dollars. I was reading the specs and about the modded 7750, thinking "well, there goes the affordability." Stunned. I was just about to buy a Tudor Pelagos, now I'm wondering why.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On


For everyone, I imagine, here are some musicians, actors, artists, and writers who's body of work never quite appeal to them. FP Journe has a unique aesthetic and brand style language that hits me that way. I dig what he's doing, just not the way he's packaging it.  This one, especially at more than $30K, has little appeal for me.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on F.P. Journe Octa Sport Watch In Aluminum Review


But there's a spare 2 square millimeters between the power reserve and the date window that is devoid of decoration! I'm sure with a bit of effort they could squeeze another screw or useless geegaw in there.

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Visconti Abyssus Scuba 3000m Dive Watches Hands-On


Grrr. No steel / black version?  I'd certainly buy one if it were available in that, or even steel and blue. I just can't do the rose gold thing, and the all silver one doesn't do much for me.

2 months ago on Bulova Precisionist Wilton Chronograph Watch Review


Lets do talk about the screw heads a bit more.  Do you understand how threads are cut? A spinning tool intersects a pre drilled hole in the case to start cutting the thread. The point and angle at which it begins that process is beyond reasonable control. A spinning bit is not a precisely indexed operation by any means.  Now repeat the process on the screw itself with a tiny tool intersecting a tiny screw shaft on a lathe or other rotating tool. - again largely random.  When the two meet in the assembly process, the odds are they will "never" align one to another.  When tightened to spec their visual rotation will fall randomly. You could over torque or under torque to align them visually, I suppose, but I think that would affect your OCD more knowing that 3 of four were "loose".

The Royal Oak uses a completely different assembly method that ensures alignment, that is inapplicable in most "put a screw here" scenarios

Better to think of your tool watch as a tool with inherent imperfections or a unique snowflake or whatever allows you to sleep nights.  

2 months ago on Bell & Ross BR 03 Golden Heritage Watches Hands-On


What a strange company GP is. They show such technical prowess, then hand off the visuals to a cadre of designers who manage to spoil just about every watch they touch.  Their Sea Hawks have some of the most awkward dial layouts available,. The World Timers are a cluttered mess, then they do something lovely like the 1966 chrono.  It's so hit-or-miss with these guys.

This has so many odd design choices, that as a whole, it is a big turn off for me.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Girard-Perregaux Neo Tourbillon With Three Bridges Watch Hands-On


I like to imagine the scene when Ariel receives this review sample  package and sees this for the first time. What goes through your head?  I know what my gut reaction is, but then again I don't have to write an unoffensive essay about it.  Yeeesh!

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Watch Hands-On


Congrats!  You've added a very well written review. Better than many I've read. Hey Ariel, add this guy to the roster as the :affordables guy"

2 months, 4 weeks ago on Watch Winner Review: UNIQ P-47 Chronograph


I like the idea of being non traditional, but I don't love these. The lugless "chiclets gum" case looks ungainly in this size. The hands are novel, but difficult to read, and I would not be surprised that the large heavy disc hands play havoc with accuracy and power reserve.

I do like the gray black red color-way, but i'd like a lot better with a different case, an easier to read face, less text on the dial and a 50% reduction in price to bring it in line with other Miyota based timepieces.

It's a "legit" watch, but like many other brands, it's pretending to be something it's not - in this case Hautlence.

3 months ago on SevenFriday Watches Review: P1, P2, P3 Models


I agree with Galvan - if the bottom sub dial matched the top one, this would be a purchase consideration.  Maybe even a different color. I know the colors are matched to the RAF markings, but its more of a blight than an asset in this case.

Aha! They do offer just that in another model. The C1000 Typhoon FGR4 Ceramic

3 months ago on Christopher Ward C1000 Typhoon FGR4 Watch Review


I can change a battery!

Great article. Aaron is one impressive fellow, as are his creations.

3 months, 1 week ago on Bexei Watches: Some Of The Finest In The World & Made In Hungary


I changed a battery once!

Wow! Great article about great things. Thanks.

3 months, 1 week ago on Bexei Watches: Some Of The Finest In The World & Made In Hungary


Yep, seven hands ought to cover it,  The outrageous design and price keep this from being a contender for me.

3 months, 1 week ago on Citizen Promaster Altichron Cirrus Watch Hands-On


This dial + black case = take my money

3 months, 1 week ago on Casio G-Shock G-Aviation GWA1100 Watch



It's interesting you bring up that Wryst article. I left a snarky comment, as I think it's a horrible looking thing.  Only to have retaliatory comments left on several my Twitter postings by Wryst associates. Nice.

I deleted my comment here and the throwaway Tweets. You can imagine my "takeaway sentiment" regarding that particular company.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on How Negative Comments Can Help Boost Sales Of Watches


Jesus jet skiing Christ! Yo, MTV pimp my watch. I adore the original, so this just looks tacky and overdone to me.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit Customized A. Lange & Sohne Tourbillon Pour le Merite Watch


What a mess. I've stated before that I respect makers who accept the challenge of making it work within the confines of a round case. The odd shape of the case was obviously a product of cramming it in versus creativity. It's as appealing as a chubby girl's "muffin top".

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Greubel Forsey GMT Watch In Platinum Hands-On


I just wish I could unsee the smiley face.  It spoils it for me.

3 months, 4 weeks ago on Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve Charles Vermot Limited Edition Watch


It's quite nice. The thing is, it's so generic in content and design, that I'm positive I could build a sterile version from eBay and well known parts sources for just under $300 - with a lumed dial. That's paying retail for parts too.

This looks like (with the exception of branded dial and movement) an amalgam of stock commodity parts. It may not be, but when the visual and functional, and parts content equivalent is available from others like Hamilton, VSA or even a DYI effort, why would you pay so much more for a fabric strap and no lume?

3 months, 4 weeks ago on Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Review


mumetal? really?

Are you certain it's not Mμ Metal  μ being the 12th letter in the Greek alphabet and signifying "micro" in academic terms?

In electromagnetismpermeability is the measure of the ability of a material to support the formation of a magnetic field within itself. In other words, it is the degree of magnetization that a material obtains in response to an applied magnetic field. Magnetic permeability is typically represented by the Greek letter μ. The term was coined in September, 1885 by Oliver Heaviside. The reciprocal of magnetic permeability is magnetic reluctivity.

Still a silly name, but I'm trying to make some sense of it.

4 months ago on Ball Engineer II Magneto S Watch With Iris Anti-Magnetic Caseback


There must be something "wrong" with me. WIS fawn over these. Every review seems to fall all over themselves with lauded praise. It's almost like the "Emperor's clothes" where it's forbidden to say anything negative. The Nautilus is a sacred cow of sorts.

I don't see anything here that appeals to me. The case shape, is silly looking to me. It's another nice watch with a respected name, but the actual watch content leaves me cold. It is not on my list at all, much less my grail list.

4 months ago on Patek Philippe 5990/1A (5990) Nautilus Steel Watch Hands-On


That has "Buy Me!" written all over it.  My wallet on the other hand...

4 months, 1 week ago on Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro Watch Hands-On


Hmm. I don't know about the speedometer chapter rings being so prominent as they are virtually useless. "What time is it? - 125 MPH!" I liked their other stopwatch inspired pieces better. Just as novel, but actually time related.  I would also  enjoy trying on one sometime.

I hope this doesn't be come a "thing", having unrelated dial markings to appeal to niche markets. I can see pressure gauges for steam locomotive engineers, blood pressure for doctors, scales for grocers, thermometers for weather buffs...

4 months, 1 week ago on CT Scuderia Dashboard Collection Watches For 2014


Hey James. The Glow Worm reference was very endearing. My son (who is roughly your age) loved his too. 

The watch is nothing "special"  I prefer Marathon's offerings really. The Silver crown and strap hardware is like brown shoes with a black suit. 

4 months, 1 week ago on Traser H3 Officer Pro Watch Review


Holy crap!  Of all the things to base a collection on, why this?  Cannot imagine incredulous chain of events that would green light this, fund it, design approve it, market it and sell it at the price offered to the market targeted.

4 months, 1 week ago on Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolución Watches For South America


Watches are best viewed in the round, so to speak, The richness of depth - the play of light and shadow, the impression of mechanical complexity, all depend on a certain level of 3D balance. Virtually eliminating the Z-axis dimensions leaves it feeling visually and literally flat.  I can appreciate the technical challenge and the mastery of thinness for its own sake, but I'm left wanting more. It is precise and well done, but "reads" like a technical thesis rather than fine literature.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Watch Hands-On: Thinnest In The World


@SN0WKRASH @DangerussArt  working now - was a problem until about noon (the last I had checked)

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Watch In Pink Gold Hands-On


Unrelated to this watch, this morning (04/15/14) all links to page 2 on all articles are not functioning.

Pink gold is a stylistic disaster for this watch. The white metal version actually looks techy and cool. This combination looks like it's pink gold used for pushing the price northward.

Is the iridescent purple / blue / pink intrinsic to silicon parts, or are they adding it for effect? If its an affectation for novelty, they can skip it.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Watch In Pink Gold Hands-On


The all black one on NATO ! Yeah, baby!

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph Watch Hands-On


Despite all it's conceptual Tourby GMTness, it looks like something you'd buy at a mall kiosk for twenty bucks and immediately regret spending that much on it.  It really does look like some sad fashion pastiche replica of an AP where they've ruined enough of to avoid a lawsuit.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon White Ceramic Hands-On


I really dig the design of this watch!  My beef is TAG could make this watch (just as accurate, with perhaps more features in quartz), sell it for $750 to $1K and I'd buy it.  Create a simpler version with the same look and an ETA movement for $3500 and I'd still be a buyer.

It's the style and finishing that makes me want it, not the "El Primero" movement (regardless of it's pedigree). I won't (read can't) drop $9000 on this.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Racing Watch Review


I did that golden hued one a lot. It's unexpectedly nice looking, and perhaps the one that will bear the wear the best. I'm not sure where $1150 comes from. At $550, I'd be all over it. I'm seriously hoping Seiko steals the idea and makes an updated Seiko 5 like this.

5 months ago on Hamilton Reveals The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum, A Hands-On With Their First Watch In Aluminum


Ever the contrarian, I love this piece.  I'll take on the responsibility of a long term hands-on review,. Just send me one and I'll post periodically as it ages and patinas over the next few years. 

5 months ago on IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Charles Darwin Watch In Bronze Hands-On


It's hard to argue with the success of the Moonwatch line, but it's getting a little stale in all it's iterations.  Omega had better spend whatever it takes to be on a Mars mission so they can milk that for the following half century.

5 months ago on Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronometer Lunar Dust Ceramic Watch Hands-On


Why so costly?  There's not *that* much precious metal here, nor much of anything worth $16,3K

5 months ago on Rolex Cellini Time: Return Of The Crown’s Dress Watch


Hmmm. I'm a big fan of the brand and typically love everything they make. Not so much with this one. I'm not largely impressed with esoteric case material choices. The styling is very ho-hum to me, not really retro, like you'd expect given the 1933 debut of the Model 247. It's not exactly modern either , just sort of middle-of-the-road with a (to me) 70's vibe. The thin bezel reminds me a bit of the Tissot SeaStar range, a watch which also leaves me cold. 

What seems odd to me stylistically, is the loads of  spiral, fluted, fan-like elements which speak more to me of jet engines than propellers.  

Is there that much "romance" for early 30's prop-driven Boeing airliners to drive a collection? Seems a bit of a stretch.

5 months ago on Bremont Boeing Model 247 Watch Hands-On