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I look forward to more of those dregs articles.

/I'd have called it "Roster Riffraff"

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I already quite like it. It's aesthetically pleasing, especially on my phone, and I'm not getting audio ads on my PC or popups on my phone anymore (so far) as well. (No I don't get popups on my phone normally, it's not malware)

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Is it possible to delineate which of these came before and which after the start of free agency signings?

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Two points:

One, the KSK article isn't about not having compassion for Irsay. It's about people needing to do some self-examining on why they might feel compassion for Irsay that they might not for others who haven't done as much for the community.

Two, Irsay isn't in his position to help the community because of any particular merit he has as a human being. The good he has done for the community is nothing that any of us couldn't have done being born into his position. The rest of us generally find ourselves already in the position he would be in if he gave away his entire fortune, but without any of the praise.

As a fan of the Colts and someone who generally supports his handling of the team, I hope he gets better. But if my own brother did what Irsay just did, I'd be calling him an idiot and worse, so I'm not going to feel bad calling Irsay an idiot too.

1 month ago on Hot Takes on Jim Irsay


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No, ECB, the sky is falling. Everybody freak out.

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