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Baltimore's also TRAVEL+LEISURE's #3 "America's Dirtiest City" for widespread illegal littering and dumping. Studies show that high urban crimes rates correlate with high volumes of unremoved soild wastes on city public spaces (sidewalks, streets, parks, waterways).

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Schumer is VERY partisan and also represents anti-Green, pro-illegal dumping interests. His hometown, NYC, is Travel+Leisure's #1 "America's Dirtiest City" the biggest populated, trashiest city in North America

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Lots of major American Cities (NYC, N. Orleans, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philly, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas) professionally-noted for anti-Green, high volumes of ILLEGAL, un-removed, disease-breeding solid wastes on their public spaces, could learn to emanate SF's efforts...and for the better.

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San Jose is NOT on Travel+Leisure's "America's Dirtiest Cities" list. California is also a TOP Am. State Litter Scorecard BEST state. Maybe highly-rated (and negatively viewed) "Dirtiest" New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Miami can learn from San Jose's positive, leader-like, Smart America program

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Nothin' like a financial "power war" between America's two biggest cities and rival coastlines

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With all those cops Baltimore and Washington STILL have higher murder rates than many cities with fewer cops. And, Baltimore rated TRAVEL+LEISURE's #3 "America's Dirtiest City," with a vast majority of the dirty cities located in the South or on the East Coast.

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Already are--Only MEN must register for Selective Service, NOT WOMEN.

That Sexist regulation needs to go

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I wouldn't trust all the data analytics activities that previous NYC employees provide as a "public service" to other entities. That jurisdiction made some terrible service delivery mistakes in recent years, including making TRAVEL+LEISURE's top "America's Dirtiest City" and unconstitutional "Stop and Frisk" policing.  I partly agree about Mr. Paydos' statement--Many cities, especially in the Northeast, the South and intermountain West--noted for corruption and poor existing state ethics laws--"need to change the way they're doing business," but yet unlike him, certainly at a QUICKENED, not an... "incrementally"... kind of pace; such baby steps easily breed continuation of existing problems needing instead a swift "nipping in the bud"

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I voted for "Cleaning up ocean trash/debris and stopping it at the source."

As author of the American State Litter Scorecard, resources used for cleaning up beaches, waters and oceans should be given utmost enforcement attention to the following three regions and eleven states:

DEEP SOUTH --Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas

NORTHEAST: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

MIDWEST: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan 

These are either states rated as "worst" on the Scorecard for least clean public spaces, or contain/are located near one of America's top "Dirtiest Cities," ascertained by TRAVEL+LEISURE in 2011.

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