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You are so funny. I haven't tried this pin because I don't have a food processor and my blender kind of sucks. However, I routinely freeze sliced bananas to eat. I suck on them like a lifesaver and find them to be pretty awesome and creamy when I'm craving a treat.

2 years, 9 months ago on One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream


Oh God I wish I found your site sooner. I tried this last week. SO MUCH PAIN! I wasn't careful (nobody told me to be careful) and had it in my eyebrows and too close under my eyes. I didn't think of using a washcloth or getting in the shower to melt it off. I pealed that sucker off. I took off 1/2 my eyebrows, I swear I got some new wrinkles under my eyes from torturing that delicate skin. I took about 1/2 hour and I was crying the whole time. NEVER AGAIN.And I still had blackheads and broke out the next day.


On the plus side, I provided much needed amusement to my college age son home for the summer.

2 years, 9 months ago on Pore Strips