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The only problem I see with OKC's uniforms (other than the worthless logo, that we all love because its ours, but still, facts are, it's worthless) is that the color scheme is pretty similar to several other teams, especially if you were to add a black alternate. Now, on any given night, you  might look a lot like Denver, Memphis, Orlando, and maybe even others I'm not thinking of right now.


I'm a huge fan of eliminating some of the accent colors. I've always thought that looked too "busy". I don't mind orange as an accent, because it's the color of the ball and the rim. It looks sharp with the white and would look sharp with the "away" blue if white was the only other accent (tossing it in there with the dark blue and the yellow = too busy). Just don't make orange the main color of an alternate. Now you're copying off Phoenix, Charlotte and several others.



Here's what I'd like to see. Eliminate the gold completely. Use the dark blue  sparingly, especially on the uniforms themselves. Tighten up the logo. Lose the orange and light blue "swooshes" behind the shield. Lose the 3-D OKC (keep OKC, just do it better). Put the "THUNDER" in the the shield, not over it. And finally, do SOMETHING that references thunder. I've heard two ideas -- either something that harkens to a "thundering herd" of buffalo, like maybe a subtle buffalo head coming in where the ball is, or a subtle lightning bolt somewhere within the design.


Now, you've got basically a slightly tighter version of the logo you sometimes see now that just has the OKC but not the THUNDER over the top. 


Now, if you want an alternate jersey, go "thundercloud grey" with almost exclusively white trim. The tighter logo would "pop" off the shorts and the back of the neck, and the white would conjure up lightning.

2 years, 9 months ago on DT Mailbag: New jerseys?