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Well put boo j. I think you nailed it, kawhi defers to the big 3 maybe doesn't get as many plays called for him as he should but don't forget we have patty and Marco on our team also. He needs to become more aggressive, yes but his best bet to do that is keep playing the passing lanes and get out on the break, if memory serves me right that's exactly how LeBron became "the man"

1 month ago on Bruce Bowen credits the return of Kawhi Leonard for Spurs' current winning streak


All amazing stats, I wasn't impressed with the spurs play at the beginning of the year to their respect they had injuries but now they're moving the ball and most importantly knocking down shots. They have that edge on defense if they need the stops they get them (shout out to Danny and kawhi and lets not forget about the big fella). Good research project spurs!

1 month ago on Inside the victory: Spurs 119, Lakers 85