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Great article! I am an atheist. Here is what i think of god. IF, there were a "god", it would not be magical. To exist it would have to exist within the bounds of physics. To exist it would have to be real. It could not have created the universe. It would have to come into life as the universe allows it. (Insert abiogenesis comment here). At some point, perhaps it begins to evolve a mind that is able to exist free from the brain. Everyone who is born would always leave a mind after death. This would be the only way a species could travel between galaxies. You might ask why they don't help us out. Why would they? We would be an ant farm to them. You can't tell ants what to do. I've tried. The only way there could be an actual god, Is to not be the god of man. Evolution and physics, that is the stuff of life. If the human race survives another million years, maybe we will all have those big, veiny, alien brains. That would be cool.

2 years, 9 months ago on Could A God Prove Its Existence?