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I believe comparing Box and Egnyte is not really that relevant. Both provide what I refer to as "Silo'd" Storage ie. you have to move your Data to them to get benefit from the service. This is fine if you want to do it and have the trust in these services, but many do not and cannot due to legislative reasons. For example in the EU these companies being US Inc companies would prevent many EU companies using them irrespective of the much touted Safe Harbour as it is overridden by the Patriot Act which gives the US federal government the right of search and seizure wherever the servers reside.


The more interesting play in this area is the ability to take existing data stores, both public and private, and consolidate them whilst being able to manage them cohesively. In this area there are some interesting plays in this area, such as the SMEStorage Cloud File Server which works behind the corporate firewall with different data sources on virtually every desktop and mobile device, and Gladinet that can expose different data sources as a mapped drive on WIndows. These type of Cloud solutions should be of much more interest to Corporate IT I believe.

2 years, 10 months ago on Cloud Storage: Comparing Box and Egnytes