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When more data moves to the cloud it becomes distributed.  From a user's perspective the data goes from a single location to bunch of silos (aka data centers of each cloud service provider) with no easy way to search across or move between services.  


Services like Primadesk will become very important to help users manage their online data and applications.  Primadesk helps users search, organize, share and protect their online content from a single dashboard (whether you use PC, iPhone or Android device).  You copy files between services easily, search across all the services in one place and backup important content.


Very few articles talk about this data silo issues. This is in fact one of the major issues of cloud computing.

2 years, 9 months ago on Almost 50% Of World Data To Be On The Cloud – Gartner


Another aspect is how distributed the data becomes when you move to the cloud infrastructure.  Earlier the data lived on the PC or server and all the applications (photoshop, Office, Visio, AutoCAD etc.,) operated on that data.  With cloud each one of these applications will hold their own portion of the data so the user has to search on different services, they cannot easily feed AutoCAD the data from Photoshop etc.,. 


At Primadesk we are trying to solve this issue by giving users "Virtual" view of all their content in one place.  It looks to them as though everything is together and they can drag and drop content from one location to another.

2 years, 9 months ago on Planning For Hybrid Cloud Management


The issue with using all the applications in the cloud is that your data gets dispersed in all these different data centers of Dropbox, Google, SkyDrive and others.  So if you want to find something you need to go to several different services and search (instead of one time search you do in your files system on your computer or a server inside your network.


we at Primadesk are solving that problem by giving users a "Virtual" view of all their content in one place where they can search across all these services, drag and drop content from one service to another etc.,


As cloud adoption increases services like Primadesk will be inevitable.

2 years, 9 months ago on Cloud Business 101: Storing The Data