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I think Apple PR promoting these app bans as defending a meritocracy in the AppStore is laughable. Despite purported updates to the algorithms behind ranking its still the case that download bursts dominate placement. The vast majority of apps do not get their downloads via word of mouth or some great internal viral loop (a few do, like Snapchat). Game especially get to the top ranks by driving downloads through cross promotion, hefty paid advertising (from deep pockets from IAP and video ad network revenue) and burst campaigns like TapJoy or FAAD that get you into the top 50 in one day for $5-8k. 

I'm surprised that most of the articles about rejected recommendation apps pass on the Apple PR line about meritocracy without taking a more critical view of Apples practices in this regard. The same was true when Incentivized Downloads were in the crosshairs. Instead of Apple solving the problem by making a less brain dead algorithm for ranking then took to lazy way out and went on the attack against apps and app developers. Apple seems to have a policy that instead of evolving a better ecosystem, they would rather build a stronger police state. That only lasts until Android owns 75% of the market, then Apple will come hat in hand to the developers and hope they have a short memory span!

2 years ago on Will pulling AppGratis from the App Store create a true meritocracy?


@stilwebm I agree with you. I was one of the earliest YouTube Product Managers and I have to say, as well designed as the recording process is and as reasonable the load time is on 6sec videos I dont think that Vine opens up a large scale opportunity. It may be a decent size win as an app but not a Twitter/FB/YouTube scale win. The problem is that its not a giant leap forward in expression. Nor is it a game changer in the social glue around the media type. IMHO

2 years, 2 months ago on Six reasons why Vine is a killer news tool


@paulcarr #selfaggrandizement Come on Pando, you all have been in this business for a while and you are shocked, yes, shocked that some early entrepreneur would be-smudge the weighty business of startup news journalism. You have bigger fish to fry, like doing something unique that leads to a larger audience before Pando folds. If you continue to treat entrepreneurs and readers as your personal punching bags I think you are just hastening your trade rags ending.

2 years, 7 months ago on No, Feedgen, I Won’t Publish the Article You Wrote About Yourself Under My Byline


In my time at YouTube I saw many of these rollup layers on top of video content hosted elsewhere. Some were for "sit back" experiences and other were for social experiences. The challenge always is on how to monetize once you have any kind of scale. The owners of the videos have deals in place to monetize in the players and those brands wont site around if Chill wraps the YouTube video with the Ford ad with another ad around it for Honda. Just very very tough to make a business like this.

2 years, 9 months ago on Chill Heats up with $8 Million in Funding and a TMZ Content Partnership