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The recipe I used said to cover with vodka and stick in the fridge for an HOUR... I would try that again LOL!! A week!! OMG I am rofl so hard, I *bet* they were bad!

2 years ago on Drunk Gummies


demented devil-chick eggs .... my head hurts BAD from laughing so hard xD

2 years ago on Deviled Chicks


LOL love the doily underneath.. nice attempt ;D

2 years ago on The Paloma


"it should probably be made out of Ramen noodles, Doritos, and pot" ... I laughed until I cried... and then I thought it was genius and why hasn't that been done yet?! ;D

2 years ago on The Miracle Mask


OK I totally lost it at your Instagram comparison pic xD ..... *dying*

2 years ago on Frozen Yogurt Dots


yep, her shoes cover up much of her toes


2 years ago on Plus-One Pedicure