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This is definitely part of a larger conversation, but IMHO eMail isn't broken and it shouldn't be killed. It is a tool (a very flexible tool) whose context has changed. It has been flexible enough to stick around through the changes--the most significant of which right now is social media. It is being stressed. More connections = more content. Emergent content is proliferating at such a rate that it is impacting the entire Internet. eMail is a space on the web that can be both a "private network" and productivity tool at the same time ... and networking and productivity go hand-and-hand, so it is easy to start opening your eMail up to all of this other information ... Facebook-post by Facebook-post ... Quora-post by Quora-post ... Listserv by Listserv ... etc.. Now we have those valuable attachments and links from trusted sources thrown into this time-ordered sequence that also includes all of these other broadcasts.   


My stream of eMail has become a torrent, but I don't want it to go away because it is full of valuable nuggets ... and it is a platform with the qualities of flexibility and ubiquity that work to keep it a productivity tool. Greplin's latest pivot has shown that finding the nuggets via a search box is not feasible as this problem scales--regardless of how fast you can make the search functionality. There is just too much going on with and ... into eMail. We took another approach. We decided to pull the important nuggets (links, documents, files, etc.) out for users, parse out the feeds (that you want to read, just maybe not right now) and are striving to leave users with an environment that is, once again, more engaging. eMail sucks (in many ways), but killing it is not the answer.  We just can't let it suck. We welcome your take on this ... and some further discussion at   

2 years, 9 months ago on The Root of the Problem: Asana Boldly Aims to Kill Email